March 3, 2024
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The Hookup Plan Season 4: Is It Coming Back? What Are The Chances?

Netflix’s romantic comedy series The Hookup plan is the story of a young girl Elsa, trying to move on from her past relationship for over two years. Things get spicy when her friends employ an escort to date her. The third season of the comedy series dropped on Netflix in January 2022. And ever since fans are eager to know will there be The Hookup Plan Season 4.


What Happened In The Third Season?

Season 3 of The Hookup Plan focussed on youthful love, heartbreak, and confounding pain. In the third season, Julio, Elsa, and her companions were navigating adulthood. The third season also focussed on the topics like parenting and family relationships. Max and Elsa have been away from each other for over two years now. Even though Max has seemingly moved on, she still yearns for him. This has worried her colleagues Chantal and Charlotte, and her best friend, Emilie, and Charlotte too. 

The Hookup Plan Season 3

The showrunner tried to give the characters a meaningful and satisfying conclusion as they entered new phases in their lif\ves. The finale season had Elsa ready to begin her family with her love interest Julio and their son. While she was reminiscing with her friends about how things began between her and Julio and progressed into something she could never have dreamed. She was also grateful for the companionship she shared with her buddies, who were always there for her. As a result, with the protagonist’s journey reaching a satisfying conclusion, season 4 is a foregone conclusion.

Will There Be The Hookup Plan Season 4?

All the episodes of the third season of the French romantic drama series landed on Netflix on January 1, 2022. And as far as The Hookup Plan Season 4 is concerned, we hate to say it, but we do have some bad news for the fans. According to reports, the third season was the final installment in the story. And the show is not likely to return with The Hookup Plan Season 4. 

The Hookup Plan Season 3

Netflix has not given a specific reason behind the cancelation of the series. But many people are speculating as Elsa’s story arc has completed. The series has already reached its natural point of conclusion, and dragging it further will not be good for it. So, fans should not wait for The Hookup Plan Season 4 as the show has been canceled.

Cast Details!

The Hookup Plan  Season 3

The main cast of the romantic comedy series The Hookup Plan features Zita Hanrot in the lead role of Elsa. She is a recognized young face in the French film industry. Then there is Tom Dingler, playing Matthieu, Josephine Drai as Emilie, and Guillaume Labbe appearing as MaximeIn addition, Yvan Naubron plays the role of Ludivine de Chastenet.

We also see Marc Ruchman as Jules, Syrus Shahidi as Antoine, and Sabrina Ouazani as Charlotte, among others. In addition to those named above, the series also features some other actors in less significant roles. If the show is renewed for The Hookup Plan Season 4, viewers expect most of the cast members to come back to reprise their respective roles. 

Is The Hook Up Plan A True Story?

To all the fans wondering if the story of The Hookup Plan is based on a real incident, the answer is no. The series is not based on a real story it is a work of fiction based created from an original screenplay written by scriptwriters Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, and Julien Teisseire. 

 The Hook Up Plan Season 3

The series profoundly concentrates on friendship and the troubles which often emerge due to lies, despite being compiled with true intent at heart. Lies have the ability to destroy trust between two individuals and the bond built between a group of friends, which is exactly what happens in the show.

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