April 12, 2024
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The Last OG Season 5: Renewed By TBS? What’s Next For Tray? Find Out Below

The Last OG Season 5

Fans are eagerly waiting for Tray and his dysfunctional family to return for The Last OG Season 5. After the conclusion of the fourth installment, the dedicated viewers have been looking forward to renewal. Created by Jordan Peele and John Carcieri, the show debuted on FX initially. However, TBC picked it up a little later to surprise the fans with another season.


The Last OG follows Tray, an ex-con, who returns from prison for good behavior after being inside for fifteen years. He find a lot has changed over the course of a decade and a half when he returned to his old Brooklyn neighborhood. His ex-girlfriend got married to another man named Josh, who is raising Tray’s twin daughters Amira and Shazad.

The Last OG
Image: TBS

Over the course of four seasons, Tray has tried to change his life around by becoming a better person. He puts effort to make up for the time he lost with his daughter. He also becomes friends with his ex-girlfriend and finds a new partner. However, troubles never seem to let go of Tray. So, will the series return for a second installment? Keep reading ahead to find out!

The Last OG Season 5: Renewed By TBS?

The fourth installment premiered in October 2021 and aired its final episode in December. It has been almost three months and the network has not announced the fifth installment. Hence, it is unsure if the series will return for a fifth installment as of now. Luckily, the network has not canceled the series either. So, there is a possibility of the show’s return for The Last OG Season 5.

Unfortunately, the fourth season could not perform as well as its predecessors. There has been around a 33% decline in viewership as compared to its predecessors. Moreover, TBS picked up the series after FX canceled the show. Even Netflix decided not to go ahead with the third installment. However, luckily for the fans, the network chose to go ahead with another season. Hence, hopefully, viewers will get to see the fifth installment soon in the future.

The Last OG Season 5
Image: TBS

The Last OG Season 5: What To Expect?

During the fourth season, Tray was recovering after a near-fatal accident. He started a new chapter of life after getting back on his feet. Tray tries to establish himself back in the community with his brand new vision for them. He uses his ambition and hopes while adjusting to the world outside prison. He reconciles with his children and spent some quality time with them.

If the show returns for The Last OG Season 5, viewers can expect to see Tray in a new avatar. He might take on a new adventure after getting fully adjusted to the present world. The upcoming season could focus on how Tray has grown as a person through his journey from prison and back to normal life.

Image: TBS

Who Could Return For The Next Season?

If The Last OG Season 5 happens, viewers can expect to see lead cast members like Tracy Morgan as Tray Barker, Ryan Gaul as Josh Birkeland, and Taylor Mosby as Amira Birkeland. Moreover, Dante Hoagland as Shazad Birkeland, Anna Maria Horsford as Roberta, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Veesy are also hoped to appear. In addition, several recurring and guest stars are also expected to feature in The Last OG Season 5.

Image: TBS

The Last OG: When Will It Return?

The network has not announced season 5 yet. Hence, viewers might have to wait a while to know if the series will return. However, if TBS renews the show before the first half of 2022 ends, we can expect The Last OG to return sometime towards the end of 2022 or early 2023. Moreover, if season 5 happens, viewers can hope to see a total of ten episodes. So, stay tuned for more thrilling news updates about your favorite TV shows only on Techradar247.com.

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