April 23, 2024
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The Journalist Season 2: Is The Series Renewed By Netflix? How Will Anna & Murakami Go Against The Government?

The Journalist Season 2

Netflix’s The Journalist is a gritty Japanese political thriller series based on Michihito Fujii’s 2019 film. The movie itself was inspired by Isoko Mochizuki’s novel. The first season’S ending left fans pondering several questions. And now they are waiting for the show to return with The Journalist Season 2. But will it return? Let us find that out below-


What To Expect From The Journalist Season 2?

In the first season of The Journalist, the finance ministry tried to cover up the scandal that broke due to the news engineering wing called CIRO and their maneuvers. However, Anna persuaded Kurosaki to reveal the truth. As a result, Kurosaki gave the Pendrive having audio proofs about the scandal to Mayumi Suzuki. Subsequently, Anna’s bosses let her write the news after being coaxed by the evidence.

The Journalist Season 2

On the other hand, Murakami’s days were spent in turmoil as he was sent to CIRO. Even his boss asked him to convert the authorized file of Kohei Matsuda. However, Murakami couldn’t shut down his conscience and go to the public. The first season ended with the case being interrupted by the covid19 pandemic.

Now, when the series returns for The Journalist Season 2, it will try to answer all the burning questions that fans were left with after season 1. The season may continue with the aftermaths of the first season. The trial will likely resume after the pandemic slows down. And in the trial, Murakami’s statement will be very crucial. It will certainly not be easy for Anna and Murakami to go up against the Government. The second season may also reveal whether Kohei wakes up from the coma or not. We may also see in which direction Ryo heads under Anna’s guidance in The Journalist Season 2.

When is The Second Season Coming?

Netflix released the first season of the Japanese thriller series on January 13, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about The Journalist Season 2, there is a lot of potential in the series for expansion. We know that the series is based on Michihito Fujii’s 2019 movie, and the world that Fujii established still has a lot to explore. Michihito has revealed that his vision for The Journalist series is for multiple seasons. In addition, as the first season ended on a cliffhanger, there are many burning questions that fans are hoping for the second season to answer. 

The Journalist Season 2

However, there has been no official confirmation from the creators about the renewal of the series for The Journalist Season 2. But this might be because Netflix usually takes a few weeks or months to assess how a show is performing. And in this case, the critical and fan response towards The Journalist has been fantastic. So, there is more than enough chance that Netflix will let Fujii expand his world with The Journalist Season 2. However, we can not say anything about when the second season will be released.

Who Will Star In The Second Season?

The Journalist Season 2

The prominent cast members for Netflix’s political thriller series features Ryôko Yonekura as Anna Matsuda, Shinobu Terajima as Mayumi Suzuki, Gô Ayano playing Shinichi Murakami. In addition, the series also stars Ryûsei Yokohama as Ryo, Tetsuji Tanaka playing Tomoya, and Tada Hidetaka Yoshioka, in the role of Kazuya Suzuki, among others. Except for Tada Hidetaka, most of the main cast members from season one are expected to return to reprise their roles when the show comes back with The Journalist Season 2.

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