June 16, 2024
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Beauty Inside Season 2: Is It Cancelled? Will Se-gye & Do-Jae Return? Find Out Below

The 2018 South Korean Tv show Beauty Inside finally made its global debut with its Netflix premiere on February 1, 2022. The series created by Song Hyun-Wook and Im Me-ah-ri is adapted from a 2015 film titled The Beauty Inside. The series follows an unlikely love story of Seo Do-Jae and Han Se-gye. After the first season, fans have been waiting for what may happen in Beauty Inside Season 2. But will it happen? Let us find that out below-


Will There Be Beauty Inside Season 2?

After its initial premiere on JTBC in South Korea on November 20, 2018, Beauty Inside made its Netflix debut on February 1. With regards to Beauty Inside Season 2, there has been no word from Netflix or the home network JTBC yet. As we know, more often than not, Korean dramas do not generally return for a second installment. However, there are also shows like the Stranger Kingdom that has run for more than one season. But since it has been just a month since Netflix. It is still early to say anything. Everything depends on how the show performs in terms of viewership. So fans will have to play the waiting game until anything is confirmed.

Beauty Inside Season 2

Before the premiere of season one finale, showrunner Lee Min-Ki in an interview, stated, “As they say the end of one thing is the beginning of something else, it is the end, but I hope [the audience] will be with the end which is the beginning. Thank you for being with us until now. I was always curious about the last episode when we started the first episode. I can finally see it.”

What Will Happen In Beauty Inside Season 2?

The first season of Beauty Inside closely followed Han Se-gye and Seo Do-jae as they were getting to know each other, and a romance was blooming between the two. Meanwhile, their bond and understanding grew stronger because of their personal struggles. 

The Beauty Inside

At the end of the first season, we saw that Do-Jae went through an operation that returned his eyesight so that he could look after Se-gye. Later on, the two reunited with each and Do motivate her to pursue her dreams in life. Eventually, they both tied the knot at the end of the season, despite several obstacles.

If the show is recommissioned for Beauty Inside Season 2, It will continue the story after the first season finale. The second season might delve deeper into the curse that has been destroying Se-gye’s life. Meanwhile, we may also see Se-gye and Do-Jae going through some ebbs and flows while trying to make their relationship work. 

Who Will Feature In The Second Se ason?

If renewed for Beauty Inside Season 2, the cast of Beauty Inside features Seo Hyun-jin as Han Se-gye, Lee Min-ki as Seo Do-Jae. Meanwhile, the role of Do-Jae’s step-sister, Kang Sara, is played by Lee Da-hee. In addition, Ahn Jae-Hyun plays the role of Ryu Eun-ho, a preacher who loves Sara.

Beauty Inside Season 2

At the same time, other cast members in the series in less significant roles include Moon Ji-in as Yoo Woo-mi, Kim Hee-Jung playing Han Sook-hee. Also, Lee Tae-Ri as Jung Joo-hwan, Ryu Hwa-young playing Chae Yoo-Ri, Oh Yoo-jin appearing as Ryu Ah-ram, and Na Young-hee can be seen as Jung-Yeon. If the show returns for another season, most of these cast members will likely be back to reprise their roles in Beauty Inside Season 2.

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