Anxious People Season 2

Anxious People Season 2: When Will It Return On Netflix? Find Out Here

Created by Felix Herngren, Netflix’s Swedish mystery drama series, Anxious People has been making heads turn ever since its first season was released in December 2021. Even though the ending of the first season wrapped up the storyline, fans are still talking about Anxious People Season 2. So, let’s discuss what we know about it. 

What Happened In The First Season?

The first season of the series started with a failed bank robbery just one day prior to New Year’s Eve. When the robber demanded money from the bank workers, he was baffled to learn that the bank he chose to rob had been working cashlessly. Then he ran to an apartment building in the neighborhood, and the agent showed him a house. However, soon the cop surrounded the premises, and the hostages were freed. Meanwhile, police entered the building after the sound of gunshots, only to find the apartment was vacant and covered in blood.

Anxious People Season 2

Viewers also learned that ten years ago, a man jumped from a nearby bridge as Zarah denied his loan application, just after he lost all his money in the economic crisis. He wrote a note and sent it to Zara before committing suicide. And Zarah still carried that note in her purse. But she has never opened and read it. Jim and Jack, two local cops, were investigating the robbery. Because Julia was expecting a child, Julia and Ro were looking for a place to call home. The older couple, Roger and Anna-Lena, were retirees who refurbish and sell apartments. Estelle, a widow, has been appointed as her daughter’s representative. Lennart, a character actor, arrived dressed as a zany rabbit from the restroom.

When a distraught robber entered with a weapon, they did not take him seriously. They, on the other hand, do not depart. The robber’s wife had recently divorced him. It was discovered that her husband had cheated on her with her boss, leaving her homeless, unemployed, and impoverished. She got a new job after selling her stuff. She simply had to pay one month’s rent to prevent being evicted from her new flat.

Is Anxious People Season 2 Coming?

Anxious People Season 2

Netflix released the entire first season of the mystery drama on December 29, 2021. And as of now, the showrunners have not made any official announcement about the renewal of the series for Anxious People Season 2. We also know that Anxious People has been created as a mini-series. The first season of the show was based on Fredrik Backman’s novel of the same name. 

Thus, it is not very likely that fans will get to see a second season. However, we can not deny the fact that the has been doing really well on Netflix and has garnered positive reviews. Therefore, although very slim, there is a chance that the showrunners might be interested in bringing back the series with Anxious People Season 2. But until there is an official announcement, we can’t say anything.

Who Will Return?

 'Anxious People' Season 2

The cast of the Swedish mystery drama is comprised of several talented actors. Anxious People features Leif Andree as Roger, Marika Lagercrantz as Anna-Lena, and Per Andersson playing Lennart. Meanwhile, in the series, we also see Anna Granath as Zarah, Elina Du Rietz as Linda, Dan Ekborg appearing as Jim, and Alfred Svensson plays Jack. 

In addition, the cast roaster also includes actress Lottie Ejebrant in the role of Estelle. And if the show finds its way back with Anxious People Season 2, we expect most of these cast members to return to their roles. Moreover, there might also be some new addition in the cast in a potential second season. 

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