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Girls5Eva Season 2: Will There Be A New Member In The Group? Find Out Below

Peacock’s Musical comedy-drama Girls5Eva is a story of four (or five women) who tried to give another sot to their dreaming of becoming a famous band several years after their split. Ever since the first season premiered in May 2021, it has garnered a massive fan following, who were waiting for Girls5Eva Season 2. Now, these fans have a reason to rejoice as the release date of the second season has been revealed. 

What To Expect From Girls5Eva Season 2?

In the first season of Girls5Eva, we saw Dawn, Wickie, Gloria, and Summer at crossroads in their lives. And things were very different from heydays when they thought career might is on the right course. All the members parted their ways after the tragic death of Ashley in the infinity pool accident. Dawn is now a married woman with children, and she runs an Italian eatery with her brother. On the other hand, Summer has not gotten any success in her venture of reality shows. 

Girls5eva renewed for season 2 |

Meanwhile, Wickie is a social media celebrity, and Gloria has been working as a dentist. However, things changed when a rapper named Lil Stinker stumbled upon their musical work, and the women rekindled their dream of getting famous with their music. They realized the lyrics of their song were not according to the current era and worked on revamping them. As a result, things started changing for them in the first season. 

Now, when the series returns for Girls5Eva Season 2, it is likely to continue the story after the events of the first season. The next season will feature the members of the group working to achieve their reignited dream of musical fame. The next season will bring a fresh set of adventures for the characters. Will they be able to get success in the field of music? Only time will tell.

Will There Be Girls5Eva Season 2?

Girls5eva Season 2

All the episodes of the first season of Girls5eva were released on Peacock on May 6, 2021. Now coming to Girls5Eva Season 2, as most the fans must already know, the way greenlit for a second season by Peacock in June 2021. As per the reports, the production for the second season commenced in Late 2021.

And now the creator has given fans a sneak peek from the upcoming second season. In addition to a glimpse into the next season, the released date for Girl5Eva Season 2 has also been revealed. The second season is scheduled to debut on Peacock on May 5, 2022, right one year after the premiere of the first season.

While talking about the second season, the Emmy-winning creator Meredith Scardino stated, “Season 2 of Girls5eva answers the simple question: What would happen if Girls5eva was renewed for a second season? We are so excited to share the next chapter in Dawn, Wickie, Gloria, and Summer’s journey as they enter ‘Album Mode’ and embark on making their first studio album on their own terms.”

Will There Be A New Member In The Group?

Girls5eva Season 2

As one of the group members died in a tragic incident in the past, the group conducted some auditions for a new member in the first season. They even tried using Ashley’s hologram as the fifth member. However, at the end of the first season, it was still unclear if a fifth member would join the group or wanted to keep things just as they were, whether they would find a new member or learn that Ashley is not dead. The gang requires one more member to be Girls5eva. Adding another member to the group would change the dynamic of the group and could lead to some fascinating plot twists in Girls5Eva Season 2.

Will Gloria Find Love?

Girls5eva Season 2

Gloria had a revelation when she realized that spending so many years in the closet had resulted in her developing many worrisome habits that she had been unable to break. Her ex appeared to have a good connection with her, but she couldn’t relax and let go of her anxieties.

Now, Gloria needs to find love again in Girls5Eva Season 2, whether with her ex or with someone new who would accept her for who she is. Seeing her with a lover supporting and cheering her on will be a refreshing change from her former profession when she had to spend the entire time trying to be someone she wasn’t.

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