saturday morning all star hits season 2

Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2: When Is It Coming Back? Know Release Date

Netflix’s Saturday Morning All Star Hits is a live-action animated hybrid series. The series starring and created by Kyle Mooney is a spoof of several shows from the 80s and 90s. The first season of the show has been an amazing ride down the nostalgia lane for anyone who has seen the 80s and 90s Tv shows. As a result, the show has received a lot of admiration from fans for the release of the first season. And there is a lot of anticipation about Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2. So here’s what we know about it. 

What To Expect From Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2?

The first season of Saturday Morning All Star Hits revolved around the comic capers and rivalry between twin brothers Skip and Treybor. Skip got a role in the famous children’s show called “The Strongimals” and became famous, which made his brother Treybor envious. Meanwhile, the teenage dinosaur Randy went through heartbreak. As a result, he was determined to go to music school and make new teenage buddies. 

Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2

On the other hand, The Pro Bros were making efforts to make an identity for themselves and escape their brothers’ shadow. Moreover, a full-fletched investigation has begun as two stars have suddenly vanished. As a result of these events, the premiere of Skip’s film gets obstructed. In the last few minutes of the first season of the series, the outcome of the murder trial from the investigation is revealed.

Saturday Morning All Stars Hits Season 2 will carry on the story after the first season finale upon its return. The second season will bring new adventures for the twins as they bump into other prominent cartoon characters. The next season may also feature the unique trails of these cartoons, much like the first season of the show did. The sophomore season is likely to keep up with the VHS-tape style. A news story on “sludge” as a new genre says that it will most likely mock the grunge music trend. With characters like Johnny Rash, DJ Swish, and Nuance making appearances throughout the eight-episode run, it’s only natural that music could play a significant role in a possible second season.

Saturday Morning All Stars Hit Season 2: Release Date

Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2

The entire first season of Saturday Morning All Star Hits, having eight episodes, was released on Netflix on December 10, 2021. Talking about the second season, as we know, Netflix generally takes a few months before renewing a series for another season to analyze how a show has been doing. Probably, for the above reason, there has not been any announcement yet about the second season.

 However, according to several reports, the first season of the animated live-action series has been performing really well. The reviews about the first season from both audience and critics are widely positive. Therefore the chances for the Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 2. So, let us all be hopeful and wait till Netflix officially greenlights the second season. If this happens, the second season might get an early 2023 release.

Cast Details!

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Season 2

The cast of Saturday Morning All Star Hits is led by Kyle Mooney in a double role as the twin hosts Skip and Treynor. Meanwhile, the series also features Eric Bauza as Tigor, Geraldine Viswanathan as Lottie Wolfe, and Emma Stone playing Heather. Meanwhile, other cast members in the series include Pamela Adlon as Digit, Cree Summer as Scizzi, Dylan Sprouse as Sean Benjamin.

 Also, Beck Bennett as Thomas, Maurice LaMarche, Chris Redd as Denny Jones, and Paul Rudd as David. It is noteworthy that each of these cast members has portrayed more than one character in the series. When the series is recommissioned for Saturday Morning All Stars Hits Season 2; we expect Kyle Mooney to return along with some other stars. Meanwhile, the second season may also have some new addition in the cast. 

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