May 29, 2024
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Bonus Family Season 5: Canceled? Will The Show Return On Any Other Platform?

Bonus Family Season 5

The fourth season of the Swedish drama series Bonus Family dropped on Netflix on December 14, 2021. In the fourth season, we saw Lisa and Patrik struggling to make things work between them. But what does the future hold for them? The answers lie in Bonus Family Season 5. But when is it coming? What will the next season be about? Keep reading to find all these answers.


What To Expect From Bonus Family Season 5?

The fourth season of the series ended with tensions so high. Emotions were running wild as Lisa and Patrick attempted to sort things out among themselves, while the holiday season was just around the corner. Louise started living with Katja, and Henrik started searching for a new place to live in the meantime. Eventually, Louise found a place at the end of the season while Martin gave the tragic news to the children. After the heated confrontation involving Sima, things have been changed. But he reunites with Lisa when thinking about Bianca’s friend.

Bonus Family season 5

The fourth season ended with fans wondering about several unanswered questions. Hopefully, when the series returns with Bonus Family Season 5, all these questions will be answered. We expect the fifth season to continue the story after the events of the fourth season finale. Season 5 may follow Martin moving ahead in his life in a new direction.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Patrik’s struggle to make their relationship work will continue in the fifth season. At the same time, the season may also put Louise in the center, focussing more on her than previous seasons. Bonus Family Season 5 will also answer what’s next for Sima. All in all, we can say there is so much drama and an interesting turn of events waiting for us when the show returns with the fifth installment.

When Is The Fifth Season Coming?

Bonus Family Season 5

Prior to its Netflix release on December 14, 2021, the fourth season of Bonus Family was released in its home country of Sweden On October 14, 2021, on SVT. Meanwhile, there has not been any announcement about Bonus Family Season 5 yet. But we should not forget the network initially was in no mood for the fourth installment either. Regardless it happened and has done quite well for that instance. 

So, we are hopeful that Bonus Family Season 5 is also very much on the cards. Given that the ending of the fourth season was inconclusive and left a lot of unanswered questions. The viewership and rating were also impressive for the last season. Hence let us all be hopeful about the prospect of Bonus Family Season 5. It is noteworthy that SVT usually maintains a gap of about 20 months between two seasons of a show. Thus, even if it is already renewed, we should not expect it to release anytime before mid-2023. 

Cast Of Bonus Family Season 5!

Bonus Family Season 5

The star cast of SVT’s Bonus Family features a number of talented actors nailing their roles to brilliance. The cast of the show includes Vera Vitali in the role of Lisa Johansson, while her husband Patrik, who is a school teacher, is played by Erik Johansson.

The series also stars Petra Mede as Katja, Patrik’s ex, Fredrik Hallgren playing Martin, and Lisa’s ex-husband, and Frank Dorsin appears as Martin and Lisa’s son Eddie, while their daughter Bianca is played by Amanda Lindh and Jacob Lundqvist appears as William, Patrik and Katja’s son. Other cast members in the show include Monica Stenbeck as Louise Nour, El-Refai as Sima, among others. We expect most of the prominent cast members to come back in the roles when the series returns with Bonus Family Season 5. 

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