April 22, 2024
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CSI: Vegas Season 2: Renewed! Will Jorja Fox & Mel Rodriguez Return In The Next Season?

CSI: Vegas Season 2

CBS crime procedural drama CSI: Vegas faced plenty of setbacks thanks to the cast that left the show before the network could return with CSI: Vegas Season 2. But you don’t have to worry about the show’s future. Despite losing plenty of star cast, the network decided to return with the second season. Further, recently a cast member confirmed their presence in the show. Let’s see who will return and who won’t in CSI: Vegas Season 2.


CSI: Vegas is the reboot of the series of the same name. It initially opened up with the original stars William Petersen and Jorja Fox. However, they opened a new door for everyone while bringing classic crime procedural drama to the table. Throughout the series, they faced threats that perhaps could change their life. A brilliant officer Maxine Roby works on a case related to the death of former colleague David Hodges where Maxine gets some help from Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle.

CSI: Vegas Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

CSI: Vegas Season 2

CBS has renewed CSI: Vegas Season 2 a week after the first season wrapped up airing on the network. Well, the reboot show has gained plenty of hearts for bringing Willaima Petersen back on screen with his iconic role as Gil. Further, the ten-episode series gained 84% of viewership, which rose from 3.71 million to 6.81 million in just seven-day playback. The show has also become the highest playback show on the network.

Thus EVP, current programs, CBS, Amy Reisenbach, said that the incredibly talented cast and creative team did a superb job in the first season. They brilliantly portrayed the CSI universe with fresh stories and new series of crimes. It further proves that fans are yearning for more CSI drama and are ready to binge-watching the new illustrious franchise.

Who Could Be In The Cast?

There is sad news for the series fans. Jorja Fox, who played Sara Sidle, won’t return for CSI: Vegas Season 2. Recently, Fox announced on Twitter that she had parted ways to the classic procedural. Well, the first season has brought the two well-known characters of the franchise, Sara and Gil, back on the screen. However, after the first season wrapped up, airing Fox and Willam announced their exit.

William mentioned that he had only signed to reprise his role as Gil in the initial ten-episode only, and now he will only return as executive producer of the show. So perhaps William’s move influenced Fox. According to her contract, she could continue with her role in the following installment if she wants to continue. She posted on Twitter that she decided to leave CSI: Vegas after deliberating. For her, the series was always a love story. “So goes Gill, so goes Sara,” she added.

Mel Rodriguez Left The Show

CSI: Vegas Season 2

Soon after the news surfaced that both William and Fox had decided to part their ways from the show, another star cast announced their exit. This time he’s none other than Mel Rodriguez, who played Hugo Ramirez has decided to leave the show before it gets the green light for CSI: Vegas Season 2. However, the network hasn’t revealed the reason behind his departure. But the door left open for him to return. Apart from Mel, Wallace Langham, who played David Hodges, has also decided to leave the show.

Who Will Return?

CSI: Vegas Season 2

While four members left the show before it got renewed for the second season, some characters teased their return. Marg Helgenberger teased her return as Catherine Willows before the season could return with the second season. She has been hinting at her return back in September. Apart from her, some familiar faces could return. These include Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass, Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan, and Matt Lauria as Josh Folsom. Paula Newsome will return as Maxine Roby.

CSI: Vegas Season 2: Boss Teases What To Expect?

CSI: Vegas Season 2

Before the network renewed the show for the second season, the showrunner Jason Tracey revealed their plans for potential CSI: Vegas Season 2. Jason revealed that currently, they are crossing their fingers to get renewed by CBS. Further, Jason addressed that they have plenty of stories to explore in the following season. Currently, they have left the door open to come up with more dramatic and crime-oriented stories on the screen.

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