June 15, 2024
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High Seas Season 4: Will Series Return On Netflix? What Are The Chances?

High Seas Season 4

Netflix’s Spanish original mystery drama series, High Seas, has kept the fans intrigued in the stories for its three seasons. The gripping show follows two sisters, Eva and Caroline, who get involved in mysteries on a luxury ocean cruise called Bárbara de Braganza. It has been quite a while since the third season of the show premiered on Netflix. And fans are relentlessly waiting to find out what’s next in the story of two sisters. So, will it happen? Let us find that out-


High Season Season 4 Plot!

In High Seas Season 3, we saw Eva and Carolina boarding Bárbara de Braganza to go abroad. They are sailing from Argentina to Mexico. Meanwhile, a Brazillian Spy named Fabio came to Eva. He asked her to help find a man who might have some precarious chemical weapon on the ship. As they both delve deeper into the case, people discover corpses on the ship. And the two of them are suspicious.

High Seas Season 4

In the season finale, things go down south on the cruise as the virus starts to circulate rapidly. However, Eva, Nicholas, and Fabio successfully managed to find the man responsible and save many lives. Unfortunately, after getting stabbed repeatedly, Nicholas could not make it out alive.

When High Seas Season 4 comes, it will most likely follow the story after the events of the third season. We might see the sisters venture upon their next quest after their trip from Argentina to Mexico that finished on a rescue boat along with a few survivors. Furthermore, Eva may need some time to cope with the unfortunate death of Nicolás Vázquez, the brave officer of Bárbara de Braganza. We assume the fourth season will bring new mystery and adventure for the two sisters. And the next season may show us, Eva, at her inclination for mystery-solving.

When Is High Seas Season 4 Coming?

High seas season 4

The third season of the Netflix Spanish mystery drama series premiered on August 7, 2020. Now, as far as the fourth season is concerned, fans were waiting for the series to return. But unfortuantely, Netflix decided to scrap the show ahead of High Season 4.

The news was shocking for the fans as previously, there were reports that the show would come back for the fourth season. The cancelation was confirmed by ‘Bluper’. The streaming service has given no specific reason for the cancelation. And fans are pretty bummed about it, given that there was still a lot left to explore in further seasons.

Who Will Be In High Seas Season 4?

High Seas Season 4

The cast of Netflix’s Spanish series features Ivana Baquero in the lead role of Eva Villanueva, whom we have seen in Pan’s Labyrinth. Along with her, Alejandra Onieva plays the role of Carolina Villanueva. Eva’s older sister, José Sacristán, plays Pedro Villanueva. Also, Marco Pigossi appears as spy Fabio. 

In addition, the cast also features Begoña Vargas as Verónica de García, Eloy Azorín as Fernando Fábregas, who is the owner of the transatlantic ship and Carolina’s husband. Then, we have Jon Kortajarena playing officer Nicolás Vázquez. When the series for High Season Season 4, we expect most of the main cast to return in their respective roles.

Is High Seas A Real Story?

High Seas Season 4

High Seas is a fictionalized version of a genuine story. However, several aesthetic and thematic parts of Netflix’s fourth exclusive Spanish language series are based on true events. The layout of the imaginary ship Barbara de Braganza was mostly constructed by set designer Regina Acura and productions director Carlos Bordelon. He was inspired by the SS Normandie and the Queen Mary, two legendary ocean liners from the late Art Deco era.

An artwork depicting the trip from Vigo to Rio and Buenos Aires is shown in the exhibition. The map’s aesthetic, which is painted in warm, subdued tones ranging from neutral to deep brown, is very similar to the Atlantic Map in Queen Mary’s Royal Salon. The series is set on a luxurious cruise ship traveling the Nile River in north-eastern Africa, and it has all the makings of a classic Agatha Christie adaption.

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