May 30, 2024
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Outer Banks Season 3: Production Going On In Full Swing! Release In 2022? Find Out Here

It has been about nine months since the premiere of the Outer Banks Season 2 on Netflix. The second season ended with the shocking revelation that Ward is actually alive. And he faked his own death so that he could protect his family. Meanwhile, the pogues were stranded on an unknown island. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to find out what the future has in store for these characters in Outer Banks Season 3.


Outer Bank Season 3: Production Updates

After the release of Outer Banks Season 2 on July 30, 2021, Netflix officially announced the renewal of the series for Outer Banks Season via a Tweet on December 8, 2021. Given the popularity and high viewership of the first two seasons, the renewal was not surprising. Meanwhile, talking about the production of the third season, as confirmed by Netflix, the filming for the third season began in February 2022. 

Are Kiara & JJ More Than Friends?

Outer Banks Season 3

Kiara and JJ have the most intriguing friendship, with the possibility of their connection developing into something romantic hinted at in the second season. Many fans are hoping that if the program is extended for a third season, these two will eventually get together.

Because they respect each other, these two work well as friends and in a relationship. Kiara is often there for JJ when he needs someone to lean on, and she never mocks him for being vulnerable. And as Kiara’s own world falls apart, JJ is there for her. They’re both impulsive personalities who care profoundly about their pals. They also have a sense of humor that makes them attractive to both strangers and friends.

Ward: The Ultimate Villian In Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3

Two anonymous wicked individuals came to the Outer Banks in search of John B.’s compass in the first season. The two unleashed mayhem on the town, destroying homes and harming anyone who got in their way. The two, however, vanished without a trace. Sherrif Peterkin was contacted later by the coroner, who informed her that two corpses had washed up on the beach. The men were thought to have died at sea due to shark attacks. But this was not the case.

After identifying the victims, the coroner noticed that they had combat marks on their bodies, indicating that they were involved in a fight. Ward, it is subsequently revealed, recruited the men and then murdered them when they got too close to the gold. His growing hunger has undoubtedly pushed him down a dark path, so who knows what he’ll end up doing in Outer Bank season 3 to get the Pogues off his back finally.

Why Does JJ Carry A Gun?

Outer Banks 1x01 JJ Shows Kie & Pope the Gun - YouTube

The Pogues were surprised to discover Scooter Grubbs’ yacht drowning in the bay after he went missing during a hurricane. With Scooter nowhere to be seen, the Pogues dove into the river, snatched what they could, and searched for him. The one key they discovered led them to a motel room with a loaded gun hidden in the safe.

JJ took the rifle with him as he left and carried it with him at all times. JJ’s gun was hazardous, and the Pogues despised him carrying it. There is, however, a more serious justification for carrying the weapon. The Kooks often target JJ because he lives in a violent family. For JJ, having a gun wasn’t just a method to make a statement; it was also a tool to keep him safe and defend him if all else failed, which is tragic in and of itself.

Outer Banks Season 3: Release Date

Netflix shared a Tweet from its official handle on February 28, 2022. The post read.” Time to get in a pogue state of mind. Outer Banks Season 3 is officially in production.” Meanwhile, in regards to the Outer Bank Season 3 release date, it is not confirmed yet. But it is expected to release sometime in late 2022. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates on your favorite tv shows.

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