May 30, 2024
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Leave It To Geege Season 2: Is It Coming? Will The Autism Diagnosis Result Chance Tyler’s Life?

Leave It To geege Season 2

Lifetime network’s docu-reality series Leave It To Geege has just concluded its first season on the network. The series created by Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and Tom Campbell follows Geege Taylor, a single mother and cancer survivor with an autistic son Pootie. The docu-series tries to debunk autism’s stereotypes and preconceptions. And ever since the first season concluded, viewers have been waiting for Leave It To Geege Season 2. But will that happen? Let us find that out below-


What To Expect From Leave It To Geege Season 2?

'Leave It To Geege Season 2

At the end of the first season, Tyler got the results of his autism evaluation test. However, he chose to keep it a secret. We know that depending on the degree of autism, there is a chance that few people may live their entire life without actually knowing that they have autism. Regardless, a diagnosis confirming autism might just change a person’s entire lookout for his life. On the other hand, it might also affect the perspective and behavior of the people around them. 

In Leave It to Geege Season 2, viewers will see how Tyler’s recent knowledge about his autism diagnosis will change his life. The season will also show us self-acceptance. On the other hand, in the second season, we will see the titular cast members meeting a couple of congress members in Atlanta. They will also discuss the laws and practices that affect persons on the spectrum, especially Pootie, her son. We wish her the best of luck in her endeavor to make the world a better place and look forward to seeing the results of her work if a second season is made.

Will There Be Leave It To Geege Season 2?

The first season of Lifetime’s Leave It To Geege premiered on January 12, 2022, and concluded on March 16, 2022. Now talking about Leave It To Geege Season 2, it has been only a few days since the premiere of the first season finale. Therefore, there has not been any official announcement yet from the network about the renewal of the show. Meanwhile, the fan reception towards the first season has been quite well. Audiences and critics alike have praised the show for accurately portraying the lives of autistic individuals. So we are hopeful about the potential second season.

Leave It to Geege Season 2:

The show creator Randy Barbato also stated, “Leave It to Geege” aired on a different platform in hopes that it would find a more robust audience, increase visibility to the neurodivergent community. He also continued, “Lifetime is just as excited about the show as we are. It’s a testament to the show that will never go away. Geege just keeps on giving.”

Leave It to Geege Season 2: Cast Returning

The second season of Leave It To Geege will feature the members of the Taylor family and their family friends. It includes Geege Taylor, a single mother who has been divorced twice. Geege has also been a cancer survivor. Then there is Pootie Taylor, who is Geege’s son. Pootie suffers from autism. Leave It To Geege Season 2 will also feature Geege’s daughter Harper Taylor. Meanwhile, we also expect Pootie’s caretaker Tyler-Curtis Elliott to appear in the second season.

Leave It to Geege Season 2

If the series returns with Leave To Geege Season 2, viewers might see Puddin, Geege’s mother, who was a prominent member of the family. And we hope to see more of her, as well as Geege’s niece Mary Frances Jones. The first season showed the growth of Pootie’s relationship with Geege’s boyfriend, Also, Mark George, and it would be fantastic to see it continue. Friendship is essential to any show, and ‘Leave it to Geege’ is no exception. As a result, we’re hoping to see Cree West and Nicky Stanley, both of whom are on the autism spectrum.

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