April 24, 2024
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The Family Chantel Season 4: Renewed? Finale Hints At The Potential Next Season!

The Family Chantel Season 4

It has only been four months since the last season of The Family Chantel premiered, and fans are already clamoring for The Family Chantel Season 4. The third season of the reality drama has just wrapped up, and it’s been an emotional ride for the devoted series fans. Now they are curious to learn what will happen in The Family Chantel Season 4 and how it will answer all the questions left in the third season. Fans are rooting to see Chantel Everett and the rest of the clan, including the intense family drama. Keep reading to know more.


While TLC is famous for 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs, The Family Chantel has topped the chart. The viewers didn’t appreciate the first two seasons much, but the third season took a drastic turn. Chantel and Pedro met on a trip to the Dominican Republic, and they secretly got engaged. Later, Pedro went to Atlanta, Georgia, and the couple now lives on a K-1 visa. Their story was first documented on 90 Day Fiance’s fourth season, and they later appeared on Happily Ever After?

The Family Chantel Season 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

The Family Chantel Season 4

As of now, TLC hasn’t revealed the official statement regarding The Family Chantel Season 4. However, the show ran for three seasons despite the first two seasons didn’t go well. Further, as per Next Season TV, the show’s third season was the most compelling one so far. Thus considering this, we can expect that the show could return for the fourth run, despite the series gaining a mixed response. It gained 67% positive responses on Google while 3.3 out of 10 on IMDb. So, it left fans in a daze.

The Family Chantel Season 4: Who Could Return?

The Family Chantel Season 4

No doubt, if the show returns for the fourth run, then Chantel Everett-Jimeno will return with her entire family. These include Pedro Jimeno, Karen Everett, River Everett, and Winter Everett. Apart from them, Thomas Everett and Nicole Jimeno will also return. But Royal Everett and his wife decided they were done for good in the third season when the entire Everett family went on a trip to the Philippines.

However, fans can expect to see Royal and Angenette Wylie in some recurring roles in the upcoming season. Further, Pedro traveled back to the Dominican Republic to find the truth behind his father and his estranged half-brother. So we expect to see some new faces in the fourth run as well. Apart from this, Jah, Lydia Morel, Alejandro Padron, Coraima Morla, and Megan could also return in a recurring capacity.

The Family Chantel Season 4: What Will Happen Next?

The Family Chantel Season 4

There’s a chance that the fourth season will focus on Pedro’s father. Well, in the closing moment, Pedro traveled back to the Dominican Republic to see his estranged father. The third season opened up plenty of family history. The audience learned that Pedro’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, was in a relationship with a married man. But he soon left them while his father was supporting another family and eventually abandoned him and Nicole.

So if the show returned for the fourth run, it would definitely open more strings. Meanwhile, in the end, Winter and Jah had a devastating breakup with whom she wanted to tie the knot. The series fans have a soft corner for Chantel’s younger sister and want her to succeed. We can also expect Pedro and Chantel’s married in the upcoming season.

The Family Chantel Season 4: Release Date

The Family Chantel Season 4

As of now, the network has yet to renew The Family Chantel for the fourth run. However, there’s speculation that The Family Chantel Season 4 will return sometime in the spring of 2022 if it gets greenlit. This is because the third season also aired during spring, so perhaps the show follows the same timeframe.

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