March 3, 2024
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Queen Of The South Season 6: Will It Return? Finale Hints At A Different Story! Spin-Off In Line

Queen Of The South Season 6

It has almost been nine months since Queen Of The South dropped its finale. However, fans have been curious to know whether Queen Of The South Season 6 is on the cards after watching the cryptic finale. Well, the cliffhanger has left the door open to explore Teresa Mendoza’s life. But it remains unclear what will happen next. Will the streaming platform return with the sixth season? Keep reading to know more.


Based on the telenovela of the same name, Queen Of The South, developed by Joshua John Miller and M.A. Fortin. It revolves around Teresa Mendoza, a poor Mexican woman whose boyfriend was killed off. However, she joins the drug empire to take revenge for his murderer. But she fell in love with the drug cartel member and decided to rise above. Later, she crossed the United States border and soon became the cartel boss. However, she attracted many rivals during the entire show.

Is It Renewed Yet?

Queen Of The South Season 6

Unfortunately, not! Back in April 2021, USA Network revealed that Queen Of The South Season 5 would mark the show’s final season. Well, so far, the series has gained mixed responses for its narration. It gained 68% positive responses on Rotten Tomatoes. While on Metacritic, it gained 59 out of 100. Despite this, the series won many hearts throughout its five seasons. Thus, fans are clamoring to know whether there’s any chance of Queen Of The South Season 6.

Well, it might be. Considering the series finale, we can expect that perhaps the creator is looking to revisit the show sometime. Tom Brady, who wasn’t supposed to retire, announced his retirement two months before the show arrived. So we can say that anything could happen. But till then, let’s accept the fact that the show has ended for good.

Reason Behind The Cancelation!

Queen Of The South Season 6

The show has a different place in fans’ hearts. Even Netflix picked up the entire five seasons of Queen Of The South. Despite this, USA Network decided to cancel the show. Well, the main reason behind the disheartening decision is its sudden drop in viewership. The show’s fourth season almost lost 20% of its viewer, while the fifth season saw a greater drop. This was a sign that the show was losing its audience. However, since we know Netflix has dropped the entire season on its platform, there’s hope that someday Queen Of The South Season 6 will return since it left the loose ends to explore.

Will There Be Any Spinoff?

Queen Of The South Season 6

If you remember, in Queen Of The South Season 5 Episode 9, James shot Teresa at Devon Finch’s request. Soon, the finale episode explored the aftermath of Teresa’s death, where Samara was seen telling the entire story to the police while Pote was spreading Teresa’s ashes. However, shortly, the show followed a time jump where Teresa was alive and revealed her genius plan.

She faked her own death in order to avoid death or prison. It wasn’t something that fans expected. But it left the door open to explore the new beginning in Teresa’s life. As we know, Queen Of The South Season 6 won’t be happening. So, there’s a chance that perhaps the creator will return with a spinoff that will once again revolve around Teresa and her new beginning with her boyfriend.

Queen Of The South Season 6: Who Could Return?

Queen Of The South Season 6

If in case Queen Of The South Season 6 returns, then no doubt our favorite Alice Braga will return as Teresa Mendoza. She will return with Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez, and Eve Harlow as Samara Volkova. Joesph T. Campos might return as Boaz Jimenez. Further, there’s the possibility that new faces will introduce in the upcoming season who will have some greater influence on Teresa’s life.

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