Queen Of The South Season 6

Queen Of The South Season 6: Renewed? Will Teresa Mendoza Return?

Will there be Queen Of The South Season 6? The fans have been asking this question ever since the finale of the fifth season aired last month. After receiving a great response upon its debut, the show went on and ran for a total of five installments. However, it wasn’t enough to satisfy the viewers, and they still want to see more of this show. So, will BBC renew the show for the sixth installment? Here are all the latest details. 

Queen Of The South is an American crime drama TV series. Joshin John Miller and MA Fortin developed the show for BBC. It is the remake of the novel La Reina del Sur by Arturo Perez-Reverte. The show made its debut on June 23, 2016. The inaugural installment was a hit, and hence the makers renewed it for further installments. And its most recent installment recently concluded on June 9, 2021. 

Queen Of The South Season 6

Queen Of The South Season 6: Renewal Status!

The production of the show’s fifth season was halted only after a few months of its announcement due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the makers finally got a chance to continue it earlier this year. However, when they resumed it, they also announced that the fifth season would be the final installment of the series, and its tenth episode will serve as the series finale. It was a little shocking for the fans as they expected to see the tale of Tereza Mendosa for a little longer.

The fifth season featured several shocking moments and fortunately, Teresa was still alive by its end. As a result, the followers of the series are demanding Queen Of The South Season 6 as they want to see what will happen next with the drug queenpin. The show’s bold and amazing characters and brilliant storytelling hooked the viewers for five seasons, and now the fans do not want to say goodbye to it. But the current renewal status of this crime drama is ‘canceled.’

Queen Of The South Season 6

Will The Series Ever Return?

There are several reasons why it is unlikely for the show to return on the BBC. The main reason behind this is the reduction in its average ratings and the number of viewers. Its fourth installment didn’t even manage to get one million average viewers. So, the continuous decrease in its ratings might have forced the makers to conclude its storyline.

Also, the fifth season of the series already provided closure to the tale of Teresa Mendoza. Therefore, now it is very unlikely that BBC will ever renew the show for Queen Of The South Season 6. 

Queen Of The South Season 6: Release Date

As we stated above, the fifth season was the final one, and the probability for the sixth season to happen is almost zero. But if by any miracle, BBC decides to produce another installment of this show, then Queen Of The South Season 6 might release sometime in 2023. And for more latest updates, check out Queen Of The South Season 6: Will Alice Braga Return? What Are The Possibilities?


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