April 14, 2024
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Undone Season 2: Releasing Soon! Will Alma’s Father Return From The Ruins? Find Out Here

Undone Season 2

Amazon Prime’s adult animated drama series Undone first premiered on the platform in September 2019. The series explores the two things we know least about Time and Death. The first season followed a young Alma, who starts seeing her dead father after an accident. And to witness more of Alma’s stories, the studio renewed the series for Undone Season 2 back in 2019. But even to this day, fans are asking about when will the second season premiere? 


Undone revolves around a young girl, Alma, who gets frustrated with her dull life. Her breakup with her boyfriend and sister getting married only makes it worse. Everything bores her, and she wants something exciting with her life. But her entire life turns upside down after she gets into an accident. And that’s not it. After the accident, she starts seeing her father, who has been dead long ago.

Undone Season 2

Her father tells her about the newly found amazing ability that she now has. He also requests her to save his life. Her father starts training her to open the gates that have held her back for a long time. However, she keeps descending into this new part of her life while everyone around her seems to think she is losing her mind.

Undone Season 2 First Look!

As excited as fans are for the second season of Amazon Prime’s Undone, On March 12, 2022, they were greeted with some glimpses into the second season. Amazon shared three clips of the upcoming season on YouTube. The girls learn that they have familial ties and that something is wrong with their mother in the first clip.

They’re both time travelers, though. After getting that out of the way, the sisters confront their grandma about a painting, only to discover she is concealing something. Finally, the sisters, now inebriated, approach their mother Camila about the artwork, only to hit a brick wall.

Undone Cast!

The amazon prime drama series features Rosa Salazar in the lead role of Alma. We’ve previously seen Rosa in Alita The Battle Angel. Meanwhile, Jacob, Alma’s father, is played by Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk. Angelique Cabral essays the role of Alma’s sister, Becca. Alma’s mother, Camila, is played by Constance Marie. Meanwhile, the series also features Siddharth Dhananjay, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Daveed Diggs, John Corbett, Sheila Vand, and Tyler Posey. And when the show returns for Undone Season 2, most of the star cast will return in their roles.

Undone Season 2

Undone Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the comedy-drama series Undone premiered on Amazon Prime on September 13, 2019. And the ending of the first season has left a lot of room for Undone season 2 to continue. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video has greenlit the series for the second season in November 2019. 

COO of Amazon Studios Albert Cheng stated, “We’re so excited for the second season of this wholly unique, visually stunning, and critically acclaimed series. Undone is beautifully done in every sense of the word, aesthetically and emotionally. And we’re very happy Undone will return for our Prime Video customers around the world.” However, the second season has suffered a huge delay in production due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. But all that is a thing of the past now, as the second season is practically knocking on the door. Undone Season is set to release on April 29, 2022.

Undone Season 2

What To Expect From Undone Season 2?

At the end of the first season of the Undone, viewers saw Alma crossing to Mexico where she was waiting for her father to come from ancient ruins. Meanwhile, Becca showed up and persuaded Alma to go as it seemed the only sensible thing to do. However, Alma told her that she needed some time alone.

The first season ended on a somewhat ambiguous note, hinting that Alma’s dad may have actually come back. But it was not confirmed. Rather, it was left for the viewer’s interpretation. Meanwhile, given the themes of mental health, memory, and trauma in the first season of the series, there is a chance that it might all be Alma’s imagination. If the series returns for Undone Season 2, it is likely to follow Alma as she leaves her trauma of the past behind to grow up into a smart, independent, and confident young woman.

Undone Season 2

Meanwhile, as per the season’s official synopsis, Alma will discover the deeper secrets in the past of her family. But she will have to persuade her sister Becca to help her uncover the mysteries of the past as no one else is interested in it. The second season will follow the sisters’ quest in search of the answers. Further, they will untangle complicated memories and spurs that have made them who they are. As coping with the family trauma is the only way to make their lives better.

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