April 13, 2024
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Who Killed Sara Season 3: Is Sara Actually Alive? In Production, Release Date Already Out

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Season 2 of Who Killed Sara dropped on May 19, 2021, and ended with a dire cliffhanger. At the end of the second season of the Netflix Mexican murder thriller series, Chema confesses the murders that we know he is not guilty of. Since then, fans have been on the edge of thier seat, waiting for the return of the show’s third season. Now, we have some exciting news for these fans, as the release date for Who Killed Sara Season 3 has been confirmed! Find out below-


Is Sara Alive?

The most shocking revelation that is going to come up in Who Killed Sara Season 3 is that Sara isn’t even dead. She might have pretended to die to get away from the real dangers she was facing. Mariana, Nicandro, Sergio, and possibly Chema and Marifer were among the individuals who wanted her dead. At least three of these individuals attempted to kill her, alerting her to the danger.

Who Killed Sara season 3

Sara may have enlisted César’s assistance in staging her death, or she may have done so with the assistance of Dr. Alanis. Another possibility is that a third, as-yet-unidentified individual helped her. And she is now with them. Whatever method she used, Sara is increasingly likely to be the one who has been playing everyone all along.

Will Alex And Elisa Start A Family?

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Alex and Elisa appeared to be in a steady relationship at the end of Season 2. Alex may finally be able to go on with his life now that he believes he knows who killed Sara, and Marifer is assumed dead. Does this imply that he’ll want to marry Elisa?

Now, Who Killed Sara Season 3 may have a time jump, possibly a few months or even years. Alex and Elisa may have married and begun a family during that time. He may propose if there isn’t a time leap, or the two may move in together. Something significant is bound to happen in their relationship before disaster finds them again.

Returning Cast Members In Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Main cast members in the thriller series includes Manolo Cardona in the role of Álex Guzmán, Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo Lazcano, and Carolina Miranda playing Elisa Lazcano. The show also stars Eugenio Siller playing José María Lazcano, Ginés García Millán as César Lazcano, and Claudia Ramírez appearing as Mariana Lazcano. 

Then there is Fátima Molina in the role of Clara. Litzy as Marifer. Matías Novoa can be seen as Nicandro Gómez and Ximena Lamadrid plays Sara Guzmán. When the series returns with Who Killed Sara Season 3, most of these prominent cast members are expected to return in their respective roles. Meanwhile, the third season might also introduce us to some new faces if the story demands it.

Who Killed Sara Season 3: Release Date

Who Killed Sara season 3

The second season of the thriller drama series dropped on Netflix on May 19, 2021. Meanwhile, Who Killed Sara Season 3 was confirmed with the premiere of the second season. After the credits ended rolling, there was a message saying, “It’s Official: Another Season is Coming.” And Netflix’s decision to renew the show was not surprising, given that the first two seasons have garnered high viewership.

The production of the third season was then confirmed to have started on October 19, 2021. As of now, Who Killed Season 3 is in the later stages of production. Meanwhile, Netflix has shared the official premiere date of the third season. Who Killed Sara Season 3 is scheduled to return on the streaming platform on June 1, 2022.

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