February 26, 2024
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Wentworth Season 10: Is It Happening? Boss Hinting Spinoff, Who Will Return?

Wentworth Season 10

The Australian tv series Wentworth won many hearts throughout its series. And even though Wentworth Season 9 marked the end of the story, fans are still keenly waiting for Wentworth Season 10. So, is it happening? While fans are clamoring for the tenth season, there are rumors that the series showrunner might return with a spinoff series. It seems like the saga isn’t over yet. So, stay with us to know more.


Created by Reg Watson, David Hannam, and Lara Radulovich, Wentworth explores the story of women imprisoned in Wentworth’s prison. It started with Bea Smith’s life, who murdered her husband and was later imprisoned, leaving her daughter behind. It was quite difficult for her to adjust in the initial stage, but she learned how to survive in prison with time. Soon after the fifth season, the story switched its focus to an ensemble cast.

Is Wentworth Season 10 Happening?

Wentworth Season 10

Unfortunately, not! In 2020, the series showrunner confirmed that the final season would air in two halves- seasons 8 and 9. The final season dropped its final episode on October 26, 2022. Since then, there’s no news about Wentworth Season 10. Although it gained many positive responses for its narration and cinematography throughout its run. It scored 8.7 out of 10 on IMDb and 93% on Google. Despite this, the network decided to end the story.

Will There Be Any Spinoff?

Well, if we recall, the ninth season finale ended on a satisfactory note. It wrapped up the characters’ story peacefully. Thus it doesn’t look like it will return with a spi noff. Further, there are no words that the series will return with the spinoff. However, we can expect the showrunner to return with a reboot version sometime in the future since rebooting has been a famous trend these days. But again, nothing is clear at the time of writing.

Wentworth Season 10

Wentworth Season 10: Who Will Be In The Cast?

As of now, the network hasn’t revealed whether or not they will return with a reboot. Further, if we consider a reboot of Wentworth, then it might explore new characters’ life. So it’s quite tricky to guess who will return. But we can expect that Robbie J. Magasiva as Will Jackson will return with Katrina Milosevic as Susan Jenkins and Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson. They might return with Leah Purcell as Rita Connors and Susie Porter as Marie Winter.

Wentworth Season 10

Wentworth Season 10: What Will Happen Next?

In the finale, Frazer set the bomb to explode at 17.00. Meanwhile, Allie Novak tries to get out of bed without considering her legs’ wounds. She then goes with the other members and is harassed by Lou. Meanwhile, Will Jackson addresses the crisis in the prison and asks to reopen the protection unit to help them. Ferguson visits Will and realizes he has to transfer him to the mental hospital. While many characters’ lives took a drastic turn in the end. There’s still some hope that those who survived, in the end, might return to narrate their side of the story.

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