May 20, 2024
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Victoria Season 4: Releasing In 2022? One Of The Central Characters Will Die! Who Is That?

Victoria Season 4

PBS’s periodic biographical drama series Victoria first premiered on the network in August 2016. The series created by Daisy Goodwin revolves around the lives of the 19th-century monarch of the British Empire. It provides a gripping account of all the trials and tribulations the lady had to go through to rule the largest empire in the world. The fourth season of the show was teased back in 2019. However, fans are still waiting for Victoria Season 4 to return even after about three years. So, is still the show on cards? Let us find that out below-


What To Expect From Victoria Season 4?

The third season of the series followed revolved around the Chartist movement getting more and more widespread in 19th century London. Due to the increasing pressure, Victoria was forced to leave. And go to Cornwall for some time for her safety. However, upon coming, the rift between Victoria’s estranged sister Feodora Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, was getting bigger. As a result, their marriage was in jeopardy. Elsewhere, London was a big problem due to the outbreak of cholera disease, which was taking many lives, while Lord Palmerston was doing everything he could to undermine the Queen.

Victoria Season 4

Upon its return with Victoria Season 4, the show will pick up the story where the previous season left off. There are not many details available about the storyline of the fourth season. Because so many events in the third season revolve around the Great Exhibition, thus, it appears that Victoria Season 4 will begin around the year 1851. The season Queen Victoria as she navigates the muddy waters of her reign, and as previously said, one of the central characters will die.

Will There Be Victoria Season 4?

Victoria'  Season 4

The third season of the historical drama series was released on PBS on January 13, 2019. Meanwhile, talking about the potential future season, even before the premiere of the third season, cast and crew members started dropping hints about Victoria Season 4. During an interaction with media writer, Daisy Goodwin discussed some details about the script of Victoria Season 4, calling it an “absolute humdinger.” She didn’t stop there as she also dropped a potential spoiler saying that an important character in the series might die in the fourth season. 

However, even more than three years after the previous season, there are no concrete details available about the filming and production of the next season. Therefore, it is very hard to determine the possible release date of the next season in the absence of any confirmed information. However, some sources claim that the next season could drop around by the end of 2022. But it’s nothing more than just speculation at this point.


Victoria Season 4

The cast of the PBS drama series is led by Jenna Coleman in the main role of the titular character. Meanwhile, Tom Hughes appears as her husband, Prince Albert, Adrian Schiller as Mr. Penge, Jordan Waller appears as Lord Alfred Paget, and Brodie, essayed by Tommy Wright. The series also features Nell Hudson as Skerrett. Francatelli plays Ferdinand Kingsley, and Anna Wilson-Jones appears as Lady Emma Portman.

In an interview, Jenna discussed her fondness for her onscreen character. She said, “Effectively I could play this part until I am well into my sixties,”. And there are also reports of her coming back into the role. However, thigh also is Jenna’s last season playing the role of the British Queen. When the series returns for Victoria Season 4, other prominent cast members in the series are also expected to return in their respective roles. On the other hand, the next season might also introduce us to some new characters.

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