February 23, 2024
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When Is Coco 2 Coming? Find Out Here!

Coco 2

Coco 2: Pixar Studio’s Coco was released in November 2017, right around the time when much anticipated DCEU Justice League was released. And the film managed to do what can only be called a surprise. It left behind DC’s Justice League in terms of Box office collection. Even though Pixar is known to take a long time to make a movie, the time taken to make Coco has certainly been long.


The movie follows Miguel as he tries to pursue his dream of music despite the ban on music in his family. In his journey, he finds himself in the land of the dead. The film has been a massive hit. And since the release, fans are waiting for Coco 2.

Will There Be Coco 2?

Coco (2017) - IMDb

Unfortunately, neither Disney nor Pixar have issued an official announcement about “Coco 2.” Similarly, no one affiliated with the 2017 animated film “Coco,” including co-directors Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich, has said that a sequel is in the works. Part of this may be related to COVID-19 epidemic delays, productions of all genres in both films. And television has been impacted since March 2020.

Pixar also appears to be very selective in which of their films they consider worthy of a sequel to an original story. Even if “Coco 2” begins production this year, it will take long to reach theaters because Pixar can take several years to conceive and produce their animated feature films. If a sequel to “Coco” is made, it won’t be for at least a few years. For the time being, you can watch “Coco” on Disney+.

Coco 2: What Could Happen Next?

The first film ended on a happy note, as do almost other animated films, with Miguel returning to the living world. First, however, Hector’s legacy must be restored, and he must reunite with his great-great-grandmother, Imelda. Finally, the video concludes with him performing for all of his living and deceased relatives, lifting his family’s music restriction. The film’s incidents occur during the renowned Mexican celebration Da de Muertos. And it’s on this foundation that the creators constructed the film’s spirit.

In 'Coco,' Death Is the Point - The New York Times

It’s possible that the sequel will pick up a few years after the first movie’s events. Miguel’s baby sister could be out on her own musical explorations, with Miguel relegated to the role of mentor. However, this would necessitate a substantial time shift in the film, perhaps five to six years. Which, coincidentally, is also how long the second ‘Coco’ film would take to make. Counting backward from the original release date.

If the time shift isn’t substantial, which is more likely, Miguel might return as the protagonist, starting on a fresh voyage to the world of the dead to reunite with his elder family. Gonzales, of course, is hoping to reprise his part in the future. Even if Disney hasn’t officially confirmed it. Regardless of the direction, the sequel takes Miguel and his sister’s bond. Whether grown-up or not should be inspiring to witness.

The Luxo Ball!

Coco' Got All Of Its Ghosts Past China's Superstition-Hating Censors

Pixar studio has always been known to put easter eggs and references in its films about their other projects. This gives all the Pixars movies a sense of connectivity. Anyone who has paid enough attention must have spotted references like the Pizza Planet Truck.

However, Coco fans have had to keep a closer a little closer at the details to see that trademark Luxo Ball. It was, in fact, kept hidden in the land of the dead. We can spot during a background scene when Frida Alebrije is leaping around. The Easter egg is so small that you can easily miss it in the blink of an eye, but it sure is there.

Ancient Civilisation

Pixar Puts Out New 'Coco' Clip, Featurette | Animation World Network

We are not completely sure of how long it has exactly been to the afterlife system. Whereas it can be said that it was present there ever since people’s deaths started. Meanwhile, we can get a sense of the age of the place through some of the architecture, though. Some of the earliest designs used to connect the bridge of bright leaves seem like it has an Aztec origin. Knowing this is an age-old culture does indicate the fact that the day of the dead has been there for hundreds of years.

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