Star Vs The Force of Evil Season 5

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5: Renewed? Know What Marco Actor Adam McArthur Has To Say About The Potential Future

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil has created a massive fan following throughout its four seasons, and now they can’t wait to see Star back for Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5. But we have depressing news for the series fans. After dropping the fourth season on the Disney Channel, the network revealed that the show wouldn’t return for more seasons. In short, the fourth season marked the end of this saga. However, fans aren’t ready for this and decided to fight back to save their favorite show. Let’s see whether the fans can save the show.

Created by Daron Nefcy and developed by Dave Wasson and Jordana Arkin, the show follows a magical girl named Star Butterfly, the heiress of the Butterfly Kingdom. As per tradition, on her 14th birthday, her family gave her a family heirloom wand, but she set fire to the family castle while practicing magic. So, her family decided to send her to Earth so she could practice her magic skills there. She stays at Marco Diaz’s house as a foreign exchange student. The two share an incredible bond.

Is It Renewed Yet?

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season 5

Unfortunately, not! Star Vs. The Force Of Evil is the first-ever Disney show created by a woman, Daron Nefcy. Well, the first season aired on Disney XD and had been the most-watched show ever in the history of the network. Further, the show received love from children as well as adults. However, instead of continuing the Star Butterfly saga, Disney decided to cancel the show. Well, the reason behind the cancelation of Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5 remains unknown.

However, the production house behind the show made it clear that the fourth season would be the show’s final season. They also added that the show might not return as a film adaptation or spinoff. Since then, the series creators hadn’t talked about the renewal of the series for Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5. But the series fans continue to post about the show and tease a potential spinoff. But will Disney comes up with another season or spinoff remains unclear?

Fans Demand Star Vs. The Force Of Evil Season 5

Star Vs. The Force of Evil Season 5

Fans are still hoping that Star Butterfly will return for Star Vs. The Force Of Evil Season 5 one day. They are even hoping that the franchise should return with the next season or develop a feature film. As of now, fans are continuing to demand for the next season. Further, they have signed a petition to revive their favorite series. The petition has reached 1,59,735 signatures, and it keeps growing. In fact, many avid fans used social media as a way to demand another season. However, Disney hasn’t revealed any statement regarding the fifth season.

Adam McArthur (Marco) Wants To Return

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season 5

American actor Adam McArthur who gave voice to the leading character Marco Diaz wants to return with another season. He spoke to TVInsider, where he talked about the possibility of the fifth season. Adam admitted that he’s been receiving words from fans to return even though he asserted that the petition had already reached its target. Thus the actor suggests that it could be silly of Disney if they ignore fans’ demands. He also thinks there is more story left to playoff, including the chemistry between Star and Marco.

Star Vs. The Force Of Evil Season 5: What Will Happen Next?

Star Vs. The Force of Evil Season 5

In the season finale, after a stressful battle, Star returns to her home, Mewni. There she learns that Solarian soldiers fall, and everyone returns to their respective dimensions. Marco and Janna are on their way to recovery when they spot the same portal. Janna distracts the doctor, and Marco uses Jackie’s skateboard to reach the portal and avoid obstacles. However, when both Star and Marco reach close to the portal, it explodes.

It ends up merging Mewni, Earth, and other magical worlds. Everyone seemed surprised to see the abundance of creatures. Meanwhile, Star and Marco finally greet each other at the end of the show. So if the show could return for Star Vs. The Force of Evil Season 5, we will see what happens with Star and Marco. There’s a possibility that Star and Marco will leave their place for a dimension named Neverzone. There they will start their new life and will grow old together.

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5: Release Date

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Season 5

Since Disney hasn’t renewed the show yet, there’s no chance the series could return anytime sooner. However, if fans’ petition would change the network decision, then production might take a couple of years to make this animation series. Further, the series creator Daron Nefcy is currently working on a Nickelodeon project. So, the fifth season won’t undergo work until she gets free. So it looks like Star Vs. The Force Of Evil Season 5 won’t return till fall 2023.

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