April 12, 2024
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Sweet Tooth Season 2: Canceled? Is Purple Flower The Cure To The Virus? Find Out Here

Sweet Tooth Season 2

Since the premiere of the first season of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth in June 2021, fans have been eagerly waiting for Sweet Tooth Season 2. The fantasy drama series created by Jim Mickle is based on the eponymous dystopian comic books from Jeff Lemire. ‘Sweet Tooth’ takes place in a dark post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a mysterious virus called H5G9.


The series follows a young hybrid (part human part dear) named Gus, played by Christian Convery. After living in seclusion for years, Gus embarks on a journey to find a woman named Birdie, who might be his mother. Along the way, on his journey, Gus meets two friends, Bear and Big Man, who accompany him. 

The series set up a compelling storyline filled with unexpected twists and turn. The post-apocalyptic world destroyed by disease, danger, and mayhem seems bleak but realistic. The show’s first season was highly acclaimed and made the fans fall in love with the little human deer hybrid, paving the way for the renewal of Sweet Tooth Season 2. 

Sweet Tooth Season 2: Is It Canceled?

All the eight episodes of the first season of Sweet Tooth premiered on Netflix on June 4, 2021. And based on the fans’ response towards the first season, the show’s return for Sweeth Tooth Season 2 seemed inevitable. Later, the streaming service announced the continuation of the series for a second season on July 1, 2021. As of now, the creators have not revealed the official release date for Sweet Tooth Season 2. However, we know that the show is currently in the pre-production stage, with the filming schedule beginning in January 2022. 

Sweeth Tooth Season 2: What’s Next?

Sweet Tooth Season 2

The first season of the Netflix fantasy Sweet Tooth drama introduced us to a dystopian world destroyed to the ruins by a deadly sickness. Uncanny animal-human hybrid creatures started to appear in the world just around the time disease started. Unsure of whether these hybrids were the cause or the result of the mysterious virus named H5G9, humans began hunting down these creatures.

Sweet Tooth season one follows a young human-deer hybrid, Gus, and his adventurous quest to find Birdie, who he believes might be his mother, along with his friend Big Man & Bear. However, things take an unexpectedly dark turn towards the end of the season. And Gus found out that he was a result of a genetic experiment and was created in a lab. Unfortunately, his supposed parents, Birdie, and Pubba were actually the workers in the lab.

Sweet Tooth Season 2

At the ending of season one, Gus is captured by men, and they bring him to Dr. Singh, who is working on a cure for the virus. However, upon hearing Gus speak, Dr. Singh decided not to dismember him. The Last Men locked up Gus, where he sees other human-animal hybrids just like himself, bringing some sense of hope in the finale.

The second season will likely continue after the cliffhanger ending of season one. In addition, season 2 may explore in-depth the genetic origin of the lead character. However, we can not anticipate much about Sweet Tooth Season 2’s plot until the trailer arrives. 

Does The Purple Flower Contain Cure For The Virus?

Sweet Tooth Season 2

Anyone who has seen the first season of Sweet Tooth knows that there is something about the purple flower. The flower started appearing on the Earth around the same time the mysterious virus began and hybrid babes. Thus, Imany fans believe there is some link between the flower and the H5G9 virus. There is a possibility that the same biological components are responsible for the three of them. Birdie mentioned that the sickness and the hybrids are flip sides of the same coin in the show. Therefore it only makes sense if the purple flower is the edge of the coin. And if the flower is the result of the same biological phenomenon. Then there is a chance that the flowers contain the cure for the mysterious sickness.

Before finding out about Gus’s origins and Birdie’s research, Bear thought that the hybrids and the virus were Earth’s counteractive measures to fight the deadly effects of the race. The virus dwindled the number of humans on the planet. Meanwhile, the animal-human hybrid babies are a perfect example of humans living in harmony with other species. The situation may have been started by some researchers in a lab rather than Nature itself. There’s a chance that some part of Bear’s theory is correct. The sickness can help the planet for the overbearing population explosion of humankind. On the other hand, the purple flowers may save them from going completely extinct. 

Sweet Tooth Season 2

Dr. Bell’s created a momentary cure for Rani by using extracts from the pineal gland and hybrid children’s bone marrow. He made a secret sauce that could stave off the Sick. If the theory mentioned above turns out to be true, then the flowers could deliver a more permanent remedy. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that In Sweet Tooth Season 2, the flowers can be helpful in creating a vaccine against the sickness to save humanity on Earth.

What Will Jepp And Aimee Do?

Sweet Tooth Season 2

In the first season of Sweet Tooth, Aimee and Jepp have finally crossed paths again when she finds him in bad condition after the Last Men shot him. Meanwhile, both of them are looking to have their revenge after the hybrid kids are taken away. In Sweet Tooth Season 2, we expect them to come up with an effective plan in order to take down The Last men for good.

Will Dr. Singh’s Heart Change In Sweet Tooth Season 2?

Sweet Tooth  Season 2

At the end of the first season, we saw a humane side of Dr. Singh when he decided to spare Gus’s life. However, this does not mean he will stop looking for a cure for Rani and the rest of mankind. Even though he was willing to do whatever means necessary to find a cure in the first season, we believe that in Sweet tooth Season 2 he will start looking for an alternative source for the cure rather than experimenting on hybrid kids.

Will Bear Convince Birdie To Come Back?

Sweet Tooth Season 2

In the first season, Bear succeeded in fixing the special satellite phone and contacted Gus’ mother, Birdie. She is also the scientist seemingly responsible for the planetwide outbreak of the H5G9 virus. However, she was in Antarctica doing some of her research. She might have been there working to create a cure for the sickness. So, the question is will Birdie be able to persuade her to come back. And Will Gus finally meet his mother in Sweet Tooth Season 2.

Sweet Tooth Season 2: Release Date

If everything goes as planned, then the second season may finish production around mid-2022. Then, hoping that Covid doesn’t return to spoil the party, our guess is that Sweet Tooth Season 2 may premiere on Netflix somewhere around late 2022. 

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