March 5, 2024
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Real Rob Season 3: What Did Rob Sneider Say About The Future Of The Show? Find Out Here

real rob season 3

Real Rob is an American comedy-drama series that follows the life of comedian Rob Schneider. The series that debuted in 2015 premiered its second season in 2017. Although the show has been on a long hiatus for more than five years. However, Real Rob Season 3 has been already confirmed by the creator. But when is it coming? Let’s find out! 


The sitcom revolves around Rob’s life, providing viewers with a semi-fictionalized depiction of his highs and lows. And the ebbs and flows of daily life that he must endure in order to maintain a seamless balance in his family and work life. As we can see, Rob has to deal with being a famous Hollywood actor, the attention that comes with it, and a stalker that follows his every move.

Real Rob Season 3

Rob must also make time for his family and friends, who include his wife, his newborn child, and his inept assistant. If you appreciate witnessing an exaggerated version of a celebrity’s life, you can be confident that the show will be funny. Real Rob is equally brutally honest, which adds to the entertainment value of the events shown.

Will There Be Real Rob Season 3?

The second season of the comedy series was released on Netflix on September 29, 2017. Meanwhile, talking about Real Rob Season 3, we know that the writer and creator, Rob Schneider, had already begun working on the script for the third season. Also, in an interview, he hinted at the third season. However, because of the unforeseen Covid 19 pandemic, the third season suffered long delays in production. 

But luckily, we got an update about the third season from Rob himself in September 2021. In a Tweet, the actor and comedian wrote, “Shhhhhh……. Yes… we will shoot Real Real Season 3 in 2022 for a 2023 release.” Therefore, fans have no reason to panic as the third season has been confirmed, and according to Rob, the season will most likely premiere in 2023.”

Cast Details!

Real Rob Season 3

Since the series is based on Rob Schneider’s real life, the majority of the people in Rob’s life appear as themselves. The Schneider family cast includes Rob playing himself, his Mexican wife Patricia, and their young daughter Miranda Scarlett Schneider. Meanwhile, the show also casts Jamie Lissow as Rob’s assistant. Adam Korson as Rob’s agent, and Keith Stubbs as Rob’s accountant.

Meanwhile, the show also features Max Amini as Stalker, Kym Jackson playing Margaret, and Andrei Aldochine appearing as Udo. Furthermore, in the show, there have been some guest appearances from stars like Adam Sandler, Danny Trejo, Michael Madsen, David Spade, Norm Macdonald, and George Lopez. So, when the series comes back with Real Rob Season 3, the main cast, i.e., Rob’s family and the people around them, will be back in their roles. On the other hand, we might also get some high-profile cameos in the next season.

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