Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20: Past Surfaces, More Emotional Trauma Piles Up In “Memory”

Sadly, Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20 won’t return this week. It will take some more time to reveal the new problem which the team will face in the upcoming episode. The team will face a new mission, and it will have something to do with Ruzek and Burgess’ past. Will they deal with the case effectively? It seems like the team will help them follow up with the new case. Keep reading to know more.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20, titled “Memory,” will deal with a cold case. The team will learn about some unexpected discoveries. Further, it would bring much mental turmoil to the characters’ life. Speaking about Ruzek or Burgess, you will see one problem pile upon another, and trauma will continue to grow. They will face some difficult situations while dealing with their personal trauma.

This is because Voight and the team will explore a cold case in the upcoming episode. Since the case has some connection with another cold case, they will first delve into this old case to learn about this new crime and how to solve it. However, it won’t be easy for Burgess and Ruzek as the case will bring some old memories that have some connection with them and could affect their mental healing as well.

A Quick Recap!

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20

The previous episode, titled “Fools Gold,” focused on Kevin Atwater and his relationship with Celeste. She broke up after learning Kevin isn’t a police officer. In the last episode, he was drinking at a bar when someone offered him to walk the bartender home. But he refused to go upstairs when the bartender asked her to come. So she tells him he isn’t over with someone. She was right as Kevin quickly calls Celeste and leaves a weekly voicemail. But on his way home, he spots the police officers trying to break into the house.

He finds a man dead and a woman hiding in the garage attic with a gunshot wound. Later, Kevin visited a woman named Raquel to learn about the attack. So she tells him that two masked men had broken into her house. Later the Intelligence Unit learns about another robbery. The team finds out that they are members of the same private club, so they grill a bartender named Joey. But one suspect managed to flee. Halstead later discovers that all the victims have some connection with Raquel’s interior design company. So Burgess and Atwater pick Raquel up from the airport and quiz her.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20: Release Date

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20

Sadly, Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20, titled “Memory,” won’t return this week. The series is currently on hiatus, and the reason behind this remains unclear. The series won’t return until Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 20 will drop on NBC on May 11 at 10 pm ET. After then, the series will continue to air on Wednesday night. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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