April 14, 2024
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Entourage Season 9: Has HBO Renewed The Show? Who Will Return? Find Out Here

entourage Season 9

HBO’s Entourage is one of the most popular comedy dramas on the network. Even though the series has been off-air for more than a decade, it still has a loyal fanbase waiting for Entourage Season 9. But is the wait really worth it? Will the series be revived? Let’s find out!


Entourage is an HBO comedy-drama show co-executive produced by Mark Wahlberg. It recounts the narrative of a group of young guys as they enjoy all the delights that Hollywood has to offer. Vince, Eric, Turtle, and Johnny are close pals who are always seen together. As Vince’s film career begins to take off, these four buddies begin to enjoy the comforts they never expected to see.

Entourage Season 9

The show revolves around the theme of male friendship in Hollywood, with the deep friendship between the guys demonstrating that they are always there for one another, no matter what. ‘Entourage’ never ceases to amaze the viewers with its funny, intellectual, and amazing stories.

Will There Be Entourage Season 9?

The first season of the comedy-drama series premiered on HBO on July 24, 2011. And since then the show had been going strong for eight long seasons. However, the show has been off-air for more than a decade now. However, there have been talks of the revival of the series for Entourage Season 9 countless times. 

Meanwhile, in 2015, the Entourage movie was released. But fans’ wait for the ninth season still continues. Although the possibility of a next season does not look very likely at this point, f ans have something to rejoice about as the creator Doug Ellin in an interview in 2021, said Entourage Season 9 would happen one day.

Entourage Season 9: Cast Details!

Entourage Season 9

The main cast members of the HBO comedy-drama series feature Adrian Grenier in the role of Vincent Chase, Kevin Dillon playing Johnny Chase, and Kevin Connolly is appearing as Eric Murphy. The series also stars Jerry Ferrara as Turtle, Jeremy Piven portraying Ari Gold, and Perrey Reeves as Melissa Gold. In addition, Rex Lee appears as Lloyd Lee, and Scott Caan enacts Scott Lavin. If the show is greenlit for Entourage Season 9, we can expect most of these cast members to come back to play their roles.

What About Tori?


Tori, played by Malin Akerman, has one of the strongest subplots on the program. She is Sloane’s buddy, who later forms a threesome with Eric. E becomes enamored with Tori and goes out of his way to meet her and repent for minor misbehavior. Tori is cool with it, but she does admit to being uneasy about Eric meeting her behind Sloane’s back.

Nothing comes of this interaction, which is a pity because Akerman was fantastic as Tori and certainly a star large enough to be included on a regular basis. The interaction between her and Eric had a lot of potential. But viewers were left wanting more because they didn’t understand why she was brought into the story.

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