March 3, 2024
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Poldark Season 6: Will It Ever Happen? Aiden Turner Reveals Details About The Future

Poldark Season 6

The fifth season of Poldark premiered in 2019. The fifth season was set during the time jump between the seventh and eighth book. The last season revolved around Ross and Demelza living a simple life with their kids. But Ross had to go to London due to something urgent. Ever since the season wrapped up, fans have been curious will there be Poldark Season 6? So, here’s what we know about it.


BBC’s Poldark is British periodic drama series following the life of British Captian Ross Vennor Poldark as he arrives in Nampara in the 1780s. The series created by Debbie Horsfield is based on Winston Graham’s popular novel series of the same name.

Will There Be Poldark Season 6?

The fifth season of the British periodic drama was released on PBS on September 29, 2019. The fifth season was not based on any novel in the series. Season 5 was set in the 11-year time gap between the seventh and the eighth season. Now talking about the prospect of Poldark Season 6, we know that there are as many as 12 books in the novel series. 

Poldark Season 6

Therefore, the showrunners have no shortage of story and source material to keep the show going. However, in about three years’ time, there has been no update from BBC about the show getting renewed for Poldark Season 6. And other factors also seem to indicate the fact that the sixth season has unfortunately been canceled.

Meanwhile, lead actor Aiden Turner also stated, “When we started Poldark, we aimed to complete the majority of the books that we could, which would likely take us up to series five. So during filming for this series there was a sense of completion and relief that we made it this far, that the show has been successful and that people enjoy watching it.”

Last Season Finale Explained!

The fifth season of Poldark aired in 1799, while the book was published in 1820. So, what did they forget to include? Demelza informed Ross that she was pregnant at the end of the episode. The tale was determined to terminate between the seventh and eighth Poldark books by the show’s creators.

Poldark Season 6

Following the pregnancy, the focus shifts to the next generation of Poldarks and Warleggens, making Ross and Demelza’s characters less relevant. In the 12th volume, Demelza’s kid, whom she was expecting in the finale, grows up to be Bella. The stories conclude with Bella, and three other kids of Demelza and Ross happily married and heading to Nampara to see their now old parents.

Who Will Return For Poldark Season 6?

The cast of the historical drama series features Aidan Turner in the lead role of Captain Ross Vennor Poldark and Eleanor Tomlinson playing Demelza Poldark. The show also stars Ruby Bentall as Verity Blamey, Caroline Blakiston playing Agatha Poldark, Phil Davis appearing as Jud Paynter, and Beatie Edney essaying Prudie Paynter. Meanwhile, there is Jack Farthing playing George Warleggan, Luke Norris as Dr. Dwight Enys, Heida Reed portrays Elizabeth Warleggan, and Kyle Soller enacts Francis Poldark.

Poldark Season 6:

Moreover, other cast members in the series are Pip Torrens as Cary Warleggan. Tristan Sturrock as Captain Zacky Martin. Gabriella Wilde as Caroline Enys and Warren Clarke as Charles Poldark. John Nettles as Ray Penvenen, and Christian Brassington as Reverend Osborne Whitworth. Also, Ellise Chappell plays Morwenna Carne. Sean Gilder enacts Tholly Tregirls. Harry Richardson essays Drake Carne, and Josh Whitehouse appears as Lieutenant Hugh Armitage, among a few others. If the series is recommissioned for Poldark Season 6, most of these main cast members will likely be back in their respective roles. On the flip side, the next season could also introduce us to some new characters.

Ross Knows About Demelza And Hugh!

As a form of retaliation against Ross and Elizabeth, television viewers concluded that Demelza had an affair with Hugh Armitage. Demelza spent a lot of time in the novel pondering why she had an affair. And it wasn’t for the sake of vengeance.

Poldark Season 6:

Demelza had genuine affections for Hugh in the book because he was attentive and passionate. Even though he was suspicious, he gave Demelza and Hugh an insane amount of leeway to be together. Ross was furious with Demelza because he had expected her not to cross that boundary after everything they had been through. He justified his affair with Elizabeth by claiming that it was destined to lead him to Demelza.

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