Ridley Jones Season 4

Ridley Jones Season 4: Returning With Another Season On Netflix? Know Release Date

For the past few years, Netflix has been actively venturing into Kids’ entertainment. And Ridley Jones is a brilliant example of the success the streaming giant has been getting. The third season of the kids’ animation drama about a museum protector and her display exhibit friends dropped in February 2022. Since then, many of the show’s fans have been eager for Ridley Jones Season 4. But when will it release? And what will happen next? Let us find that out-

Ridley Jones Season 4: Is It Renewed?

Netflix premiered the third season of the kid animation show on February 15, 2022. All the eight episodes of season 3 were released together. Meanwhile, there has not been any announcement from Netflix confirming Ridley Jones Season 4 yet. However, we know that the show has been very popular among the younger audience on Netflix. 

Ridley Jones Season 4

Creator Chris Nee has also discussed Netflix’s interest in the show. In an interview, he said, “I was looking at the Shonda Rhimeses and the Ryan Murphys and wondering why somebody couldn’t take that active role of being both a creator and a producer and creating an internal sort of house in [kids] TV, and that’s very much what’s happening.” Therefore, a potential fourth season of Ridley Jones is very much likely in the cards. But we will have to for an official announcement till for confirmation. If the Ridley Jones Season 4 receives renewal in time, we expect it to release on Netflix by the end of 2022.

What Will Ridley Jones Season 4 Be About?

Much like the past two seasons, the third season of Ridley Jones followed the titular Ridley and her friends, which are model-display museum exhibits. Together they undergo a series of fun experiences while also facing some exciting challenges. Ridley’s family members arrive every now and then to cheer her up and assist her with the museum’s administration.

Ridley Jones Season 4

When the animated kids show returns with Ridely Jones Season 4, it will portray exciting and inspiring events happening in Ridley’s life. On the other hand, we might also see, Ridely carrying on her duties as the protector of the museum and doing everything she can. The season will also feature Ridely’s personal growth and present her as a model or icon for kids around the world. 

Who Will Return To Voice The Cast?

The voice cast of Ridley Jones features Iara Nemirovsky, giving voice to the lead character of Ridley Jones. She is a young girl who desires to be the museum’s protector. The show also features Ezra Menas as Ridley’s friend, Fred. Tyler Shamy gives his voice to Dante, a parasaurolophus model with a knack for skating. And Ashlyn Madden lends her voice to Ismat, another member of Ridley’s team.

Ridley Jones Season 4

Furthermore, the list of other voice cast members includes David Errigo Jr. as Dudley and Laraine Newman essaying Peaches. Then there is Blythe Danner as Sylvia Jones and Sutton Foster as Mama Jones and Mrs. Sanchez. If the series returns for Ridley Jones Season 4, most of the main voice cast members are likely to reprise their roles. Also, we might see some new characters in the next season, voiced by other actors.

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