Clark Season 2

Clark Season 2: Will Clark Oslofan’s Story Continue In The Second Season? Know What’s Next

Netflix’s Clark is a Swedish Crime drama series starring Bill Skarsgård. The series follows the notorious Swedish gangster and con artist whose infamous activities through the 70s and 80s gave rise to the term Stockholm Syndrome. The first season of the show was a complete joyride that fans loved so much. Now, all they want is the show to return with Clark Season 2. But is it happening? Let’s find out!

What Happened In The First Season?

In the first season, when the store reopened in 1984 at Blankenberge, Belgium, Clark was getting old and wanted to settle down. However, after coming out of jail, he again got involved in the drug smuggling fiasco. Towards the end of the first season, in the year 1986, Clark seemed like he was all alone. After the messy marriage with Madou and unresolved feelings for Maria, Clark decides to give a go a settling down. On his way to Brussels, he met Marijke on the train. Marijke and Clark shared a wild night on the train in spite of some misgivings. 

Clark Season 2

Later on, Clark was again arrested for his part in the Televerket Gang operation and sent to Kumla Prison. After a while, he was arrested near Oslo for his suspected robbery charges. He was also involved in a sea storm disaster when his boat collided with a rock. Clark was arrested for drunk driving in Stockholm on another occasion, and he was eventually placed on Interpol’s most wanted list. He got out of the prison in 1991, after which he fabricated a new identity and shifted Belgian countryside.

Will There Be Clark Season 2?

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Netflix premiered the entire first season of the Swedish drama series Clark on May 5, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the possibility of the show’s return, things are not looking good. We know that the show Clark was originally billed as limited series by Netflix. On the other hand, the story of the titular character has reached its conclusion by the end of the first season. Therefore, the chances of the series coming back with Clark Season 2 are very bleak. The Only way fans can hope for another season is if there is any spinoff, which unfortunately also isn’t very likely.


The cast of Netflix’s Swedish drama series features Bill Skarsgård as the titular Clark Olofsson, Vilhelm Blomgren playing Tommy Lindström, and Sandra Ilar as Ingbritt Olofsson. The show also stars Kolbjörn Skarsgård as Young Clark, Peter Viitanen as Sten Olofsson, and Hanna Björn appearing as Maria. Meanwhile, the cast also features Lukas Wetterberg playing Young Clark, Agnes Lindström Bolmgren as Ingela, and Isabelle Grill as Madou.

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Furthermore, we have Adam Lundgren as Kurre Räven, Malin Levanon as Liz, and Daniel Hallberg as Hiller. Then, there is Björn Gustafsson as Kaj-Robert, Emil Algpeus as Gunnar, Christoffer Nordenrot as Janne Olsson among others. If the series is renewed for Clark Season 2, most of the main cast members will likely be back in their roles.

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