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Tomorrow Episode 13: What’s Next For Park Joong Gil? Know What’s Next

Ever since its premiere on Netflix, the supernatural fantasy Kdrama has been winning hearts all around due to its unusual premise. Anyone who saw the last episode and didn’t cry is either lying or a zombie. The episode delved into the tragic past of Ryung-gu and the trauma he endured. Now, as the Tomorrow Episode 13 is almost here, let’s discuss what will happen next-

Tomorrow Episode 13 Spoilers!

After the intense emotional ride of the previous episode, fans are hoping the next episode to be every bit as exciting as the last one and more. However, since there is no promo or synopsis for the upcoming episode, it is very hard to predict what the next installment of the Korean drama series will have in store for us. 

Nonetheless, fans are expecting Park Joong Gil to find out his connection with Ryun-gu in the next episode. On the other hand, the episode is expected to explore Ryung and Park Joong Gil’s past in detail. It was previously implied that Im Ryung-gu was a horrible guy. The stories were circulating that he committed several murders while still alive. He executed those four horrible guys in order to get vengeance on his mother, who had committed suicide.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

“My Only One” was the title of the preceding episode of Tomorrow. Fans were taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the show delves into Im Ryung-gu’s background and pain. Jun-woong was seen in the episode asking Ryung-gu for assistance. Ryung-gu was attempting to persuade Yu-hwa that her Honeybee would mature after death. Regardless of Jun-efforts woong’s to brighten the surroundings, Yu-Hwa had to continue alive in order for it to happen.

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Meanwhile, the episode touched on sorrow, remembrance, things left unsaid, and the significance of honesty in expressing one’s true feelings. Yu-hwa was suffering from the excruciating grief of losing a child, which may continue for years. Meanwhile, Joong-Gil was inspired by the conversation regarding memory. Still, because the repository of his own memories is under lock and key, only the Director has access to it, so we’ll have to wait for the next few episodes. 

When And Where To Watch Tomorrow Episode 13!

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The twelfth episode of the South Korean series Tomorrow premiered on May 07, 2022. But that is a thing of the past now, as we are only a few hours away before Tomorrow Episode 13 hits our screens. The upcoming thirteenth episode is set to release on May 13, 2022. The episode airs at 9:50 pm Korean Standard Time on the MBC network. However, for the viewers in the United States, the premiere time is 8:50 pm EST. The forthcoming episode and all the previous episodes of the Kdrama can also be streamed on the streaming giant Netflix.

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