Day Of The Dead Season 2

Day Of The Dead Season 2: Has Syfy Renewed The Series Already?

Reboots and revivals are tricky businesses. While some manage to do justice to the fans’ expectations and build a large fanbase, others are just sunken down by the weight of these expectations. Unfortunately, Syfy’s Day of The Dead series fits more into the latter category. However, some fans still believe that the series has a lot of potentials, and it should return with Day of The Dead Season 2.

Syfy’s Day Of The Dead is post apocalyptic zombie horror comedy series that is inspired by George A. Romero’s cult classic film of the same name. The show follows six strangers living in close quarters in a small Pennsylvania town, going about their daily lives as if it were any other day. 

Day of the Dead Season 2

But a desperate fight for survival binds them together, something neither of them expected. When a group of flesh-eating zombies appears in their normally calm community, they find themselves in exactly that pickle. They all get together to combat the zombie and defend their small community, including Amy, a life coach.

Will There Be Day Of The Dead Season 2?

Day of the Dead Season 2

The first season of Day Of The Dead, which debuted on Syfy on October 15, 2022. It came to an end, with the season finale releasing on December 17, 2021. In regards to Day of The Dead Season 2, as of now, there has not been any confirmation from the network about the second season. We know that the first season received mixed reviews from the critics.

And the viewership of the season was also not record-breaking in any sort. Therefore, the future of the show is currently hanging in the balance now. There is immense potential in the franchise, but we will have to wait for an official announcement about the show’s future to clear the picture.

Who Will Returns For Day Of The Dead Season 2?

The star cast of the zombie series features Keenan Tracey in the role of Cam McDermott, son of a local policeman who is in high school. Daniel Doheny appears as Luke Bowman, Natalie Malaika plays Lauren Howell, and Morgan Holmstrom enacts Sarah Blackwood. Meanwhile, in the cast, we also have Kristy Dawn Dinsmore playing Amy, Miranda Frigon as Paula Bowman, and Christopher Russell in the role of Trey Bowman.

Day of the Dead season 2

We also have Dejan Loyola appearing as Jai Fisher. If the series is recommissioned for Day Of The Dead Season 2, we can expect most of these main cast members to be back in their respective roles. At the same time, the next season might also introduce some new characters in the story.

Why Is Cam The Best Character On The Show?

Cam McDermott, the series’ underdog protagonist, appears to be stuck in dead-end jobs. She defies stereotypes while demonstrating his underappreciated street smarts. Cam is the one who slowly but steadily discovers all of the subtle indications and evidence to locate his father, Detective McDermott. Cam uses his advanced emotional intelligence to sense the compassion that remained behind his father. Filtering through the deceit and conflicting information delivered throughout the series to find his father.

Day Of The Dead Season 2

Cam was wise enough to keep his zombified father alive in the end, understanding that he wasn’t totally converted. Cam Not only faced off against many of the zombies himself but encountered his fears and reacted under pressure. But also fared with his father’s mutation, which states how courageous he has to be moving forward with no family.

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