May 21, 2024
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Our Blues Season 2: Will The Kdrama Return For Another Season? Find Out Here

our blues episode 11

The first season of TvN’s Kdrama Our Blues is currently on air. And the show has been getting so much popularity that fans have already started wondering about Our Blues Season 2 even though the first season has not finished. But will it happen? So let’s discuss what we know about the Our Blues Season 2.


This Kdrama follows a group of people living on one of the most famous Korean Islands, Jeju Island. These groups of characters that the show revolves around include Lee Dong-Seok, Choi Han-su, Jung Eun-Hui, and Park Jeong-Jun. Lee Dong-Seok was born in a small village on the island, and he has a truck in which he sells stuff to make a living. As the show progresses, Lee crosses paths with Min Seon-A, who has a story that nobody knows about. 

Our Blues Season 2

Meanwhile, Choi Han-Su has left the island and relocated to the mainland. But he later returns to his town as an exemplar guy. He eventually runs across Jung Eun-Hui and falls in love with Jung. She owns and operates a fishing business on the island and is friends with Ko Mi-ran. Elsewhere, Mi-ran has also returned to the island due to the hardships of living on the mainland and a desire to get away from the bustle of the city.

Lee Yeong-Ok is a female driver who has relocated to Jeju Island. She is a happy person, yet there are constant rumors about her. Park Jeong-Jun, who is described as a fisherman guy with a big heart, falls in love with her.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

Our Blues Season  2

Young-ok brings her sister to the elders in response to Ki-joon’s confession. It’s also a good thing because Jung-joon stops the meeting once more to speak with the woman he still thinks to be his girlfriend. They talk about their desires, the reality that life might be monotonous at times. And the fact that Jung-joon apologizes for his initial response to seeing Yeong-hui.

Young-ok, on the other hand, is adamant about her belief that Jung-Joon will get tired of her sister. And that she will require continual care. However, things are still patched up, and Young-ok demonstrates faith by giving her partner the opportunity to prove himself.

Will There Be Our Blues Season 2?

Our Blues Season 2

The first season of Our Blues debuted on tvN on April 9, 2022. The first season is scheduled to wrap on May 29, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the prospect of the show’s second season, there is not much we know as of now. As the first season is still on the air, fans will have to wait for its conclusion before the picture about Our Blues Season 2 gets cleared. However, fans should keep in mind that it is not very common for Kdramas to continue after the first season.

Cast Details!

Our Blues Season 2

The Kdrama series Our Blues stars Kim Hye-ja as Kang Ok-dong. Go Doo-shim as Hyeon Chun-hee and Bae Hyun-sung pl aying Jung Hyun. It also stars Roh Yoon-seo as Bang Young-joo, Ahn Tae-rin as young Bang Young-joo, and Park Ji-hwan playing Jung In-kwon. In addition, Park Sang-won appears as young Jung In-kwon, Choi Young-jun plays Bang Ho-sik, and Kang Yi-seok as young Bang Ho-sik.

Moreover, the cast also includes Ki So-yu as Son Eun-gi, Kim Kwang-kyu as Kim Myung-bo, Jung Sung-il as Kim Tae-hoon, and Park Ji-ah as Hyeja. If there is a second season of the Kdrama, we might see the returns of all the main cast members in Our Blues Season 2.

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