May 29, 2024
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Survivor 43: Production Started! New Theme Out Already, Know Release Date

Survivor 43

With Survivor 42 inching closer to its finale, fans are unable to wait to learn more about the next season of the show, Survivor 43. Fans are curious to know who will win the crown and be named the ultimate Survivor. The show followed a unique theme and introduced brand-new concepts to the game in the previous season. That left fans wondering whether the changes would come back in the upcoming season. It looks like their wish would be granted as the series host and executive producer Jeff Probst has revealed the new theme. Keep reading to know more.


Created by Charlie Parsons, Survivor follows a group of strangers struggling to survive in an isolated location. There were provided food, water, shelter, and fire. But they have to deal with plenty of challenges, both physically and mentally. The one who fails to complete the task gets eliminated. The rest of the contestants work on the grand prize of US $1,000,000. However, in Winner At War, they doubled the prize money.

Survivor 43: Renewal Status!

Rejoice fans! In mid-March, CBS picked up Survivor for two more seasons. Indeed you read it right. The network renewed Survivor for Season 43 and 44. Well, since the beginning of the show, it gained massive popularity and was critically acclaimed by the fans as well as critics. Thus there’s no doubt why the network is rooting for the next seasons. Soon after this announcement, the series host and EP shared pictures of him with the team celebrating 21 years of the show.

Survivor 43: Jeff Probst Opens Up About Show’s Theme

Recently, the series host revealed what the upcoming season would look like. He told Entertainment Weekly that Survivor 43 would bring a new era to the game. There will be small tribes, no food, earn the merge, risk/reward dilemmas, and shot in the dark. It looks like the show is bringing a new and notorious twist. Jeff also revealed that the next group of contestants would be challenged to perform such activities they had never seen on the show.

Survivor Season 43

Now they have to shoot in the dark. And if it is possible, they have to eat the mouse too. It won’t be simple for them, and things will continue to twist. They have to play a secret game with a game design to dodge elimination. It will be thrilling and surprising how they will manage to play it off. Now it remains to see how far the contestants could endure it and reach the finale.

Survivor 43: Who Could Be In The Cast?

As per the Inside Survivor, the upcoming season will be divided into three tribes, with six contestants per tribe. The Baka tribe will star a psychologist Elie Scott, 31, user experience designer Jeanine Zheng, 24, heart valve specialist Mike Gabler, 50, content creator Morriah Young, 28, admission counselor Owen Knight, 29, and student Sam Layadi, 19. Sam will be the youngest member in the history of the Survivor. Further, there will be a huge age gap between the people in the Baka tribe. It almost has 30 years age gap between Sam and Mike.

Survivor Season 43

Next, the Koka tribe will have a fashion merchandising student Cassidy Clark, 25, web designer Geo Bustamente, 35, event curator Jay Jones, 37, educator Karla Godoy, 28, pediatric nurse Lindsay Carmine, 42, and fitness instructor Ryan Medrano, 24. Some of the tribe members come from D.C., Texas, and even Hawaii. There is an almost 18-year age gap between the team members. The final tribe is Vessi. It will have an account manager Cody Assenmacher, 35, computer science student Dwight Moore, 22, Ph.D. student Jesse Lopez, 26, sales manager Justine Brennan, 29, director of operations Nneka Ejere, 42, and Paralympian Noelle Lambert, 25.

Survivor 43: Filming Already Started!

While the network has yet to drop the previous season’s final episode, the creative team and cast members have already begun production. The footage filming has begun, and the cast is ready to shoot their scenes. This time the show will take place in Fiji, where all the cast members fight for their survival. And as per the reports, the show might start shooting challenges in spring 2022.

Survivor Season 43

Survivor 43: Release Date

Well, fans have to wait for only a few more months to see their favorite reality show back on screen. Survivor 43 will follow the same fall premiere airing in September 2022. As we know, the show has already undergone production, and soon proper filming will start then there won’t be much delay in its release date. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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