60 days in Season 7

60 Days In Season 7: Renewed Or Canceled? Find Out Here

Many thought-provoking shows have aired on A&E throughout the years. A&E, which is known for showing intense thriller and reality shows, has become a favorite among those interested in society’s dark side. Participants in the program sign up to be placed among genuine criminals. They have been imprisoned for real crimes they have committed as part of a sociological experiment. The uncanny idea of the docu-series drew a significant audience. And fans have been eagerly anticipating its return with 60 Days In Season 7. But will it happen? What are the chances? Find out here-

Will There Be 60 Days In Season 7?

The sixth season of the reality series, released on January 2, 2022, ended its run on A&E on April 30, 2020. Meanwhile, as far as 60 Days In Season 7 is concerned, neither the A&E network nor the showrunners have made any announcements yet. There was some chatter about the show coming. 

However, ever since the Covid 19 Pandemic began, it has been on the back burner as it requires to be filmed in confined prison cells. Regardless, given the acclaim and attention, the show has gotten for its realistic inside prison drama. There are chances of 60 Days In Season 7 coming back. But before that happens, we will have to wait for an official announcement.

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What To Expect From 60 Days In Season 7?

When the series returns with its seventh season, the show sticks to the format that the past season has been following. The season will feature some courageous people stepping into prison to function as undercover agents for 60 days. During their time there, their mission is to gain the trust of the real prisoners and collect evidence about illegal activities going on in prison.

 The authorities will then utilize all of the data gathered to enhance the system rather than doing anything else. Since the whole operation is risky, the operatives will have code words and secret signals with which they can alert the crew and get out if they need to.

How Are The Participants Selected?

Many individuals may be curious as to why someone would desire to join 60 Days In. Participants like Michelle Polley and Angele Cooper regarded the show as a chance to expand their criminal justice expertise. Others, such as Chris Graf from the second season. And Stephanie from the fourth, wanted to learn more about what their jailed relatives had through.

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In a Buzzfeed interview, showrunner Gregory Henry talked about the participants. He said that it was very shocking for him how many people were prepared to put their lives on hold for two months to engage in a show like that. Because there were so many people ready to participate. The production crew had the luxury of being picky about who they chose.

Angele Almost Blew The Show’s Cover!

Angele Cooper is one of the more divisive members of the 60 Days In crew. Initially, he joined the show in order to have a better understanding of the convict rehabilitation process. During her stay in jail, the former athlete and writer shocked fans by forming a physical relationship with a fellow inmate. Things grew much more problematic when Angele revealed to her lover that she was not an actual inmate,

60 Days In: Angele Blows Her Cover (Season 4 Flashback) | A&E - YouTube

The integrity of 60 Days In was threatened as a result of this. Furthermore, it may have put everyone at grave risk. The Folsom County Jail might have been the scene of all kinds of aggressive and dangerous conduct if some of the convicts realized that one or more bogus inmates were strolling around.

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