May 21, 2024
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Your Name 2: Will There Be A Sequel? Live Action Adaption Already In Works!

Your Name 2

Anime has been getting better than ever in the past few years. And anyone who knows even a little about anime must have heard the name of the 2016 movie Your Name. The anime movie about two high school teens whose bodies get exchanged became a pop culture sensation in Japan and around the worked. Thus, it is only natural for fans to have their hopes high about Your Name 2, but is it really happening? Let us find that out-


Your Name, released in 2016, became an international sensation, receiving critical accolades from all corners. The movie dominated the Japanese box office, quickly rising to become one of the most successful anime films in Japanese cinema history. Its worldwide success was also surprising, with English-speaking critics lavishing acclaim on Shinkai. It is set in modern Japan and follows the story of two high school students. One from Tokyo and the other from a small village, who start exchanging bodies and changing each other’s lives.

Is a Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) Sequel Possible?

This unexpected disruption causes a slew of amusing situations to emerge. Mitsuha’s superstitious family believes she is suffering from demonic possession as a result of her recently acquired male tendencies. Both of them struggle to grasp their new live with the discomfort of their bodies.

Will There Be Your Name 2?

Your Name 2

Your Name was released in Japan and around the pre-covid world in August 2016. The movies grossed enormously at the domestic and international box office. Meanwhile, as far as the Your Name 2 is concerned, anything we say at this is basically shooting in the dark as there has not been any update or confirmation from the creators of the film or the studio.

The chances of the second part happening are not very bright as the film ended the story on the manga, and there is not much left in the world on Your Name. However, we’ve seen unlikely things happening in the past. So what fans have to do is not to lose hope and their wish for the film to be known to the creator. Makoto Shinkai.

What Can Happen In Your Name 2?

Your Name is about a character named Mitsuha, who is an overabundant faculty student in the little city of Itomori. Meanwhile, we are unable to predict anything about the film’s sequel at this time due to the lack of information accessible concerning the sequel. If there is a sequel to Your Name, it will most likely be Another Side: Earthbound by Makoto Shinkai.

Your Name 2

The plot of Your Name is told through the eyes of the other characters, particularly Mitsuha’s friends and family. We have a greater grasp of the comet’s influence and the strength of the community link that exists among the inhabitants of Itomori. It sounds like an intriguing plot for the next film if it is based on the novel as we anticipate.

Live Action Adaptation In Works!

A sequel for the 2016 Anime film Your Name might seem like a long shot right now. But there is some other good news that might cheer fans up. After the immense success that the anime film garnered all around the world, a Hollywood live-screen adaptation is already in the works. The rights to a live-action adaptation of Your Name were swiftly acquired by Bad Robot and Paramount. 

 Your Name 2

According to Deadline in 2021, the producers have chosen Lee Isaac Chung to helm the live-action adaptation of Your Name, with Emily V. Gordon writing the screenplay. Chung is a well-known independent filmmaker whose debut picture, Munyurangabo, received critical acclaim at Cannes. With the exception of Japanese markets, which will be handled by Toho, Paramount will oversee global distribution. Despite the fact that little information about the picture has been disclosed, it was originally entrusted to filmmaker Marc Webb. However, for whatever reason, he was replaced.

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