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Lovestruck High Season 2: Will The Show Return For Another Season? Find Out Here

High school is a wonderful place to make friends, have fun and find love. And it’ll be really hard to find a person who wouldn’t want to go back to their high school and live that time all over again. Amazon Prime’s reality series Lovestruck High gives a chance to relive their high school and find love for 15 singles. Ever since the first season premiered, fans can’t wait to go back to the place with Lovestruck High Season 2. But will it ever happen? Let us find that out

Lovestruck High is a dating reality show that debuted on Amazon Prime the past month. The series produced by Lindsay Lohan features 15 singles from the UK who are sent to typical American high schools. There they interact in search of their perfect match.

Will There Be Lovestruck High Season 2?

The first season of the reality series premiered on Amazon Prime Video on May 18, 2022. Now, in regard with Lovestruck High Season 2, there is very little to none we know at this point. Neither Amazon Prime nor the creators of the show have made any announcements yet about the future of the show. 

Lovestruck High' Season 2

The first season of the show garnered a lukewarm response. But we should also not forget the massive popularity that the reality genre holds these days, as it is getting more and more popular. Therefore, fans need to have a little more patience and wait for Amazon’s decision on the future of the show.

What To Expect From Lovestruck High Season 2? 

In the inaugural season of the reality program, we got introduced to 15 competitors from the United Kingdom. But, they were taken off guard by some unexpected revelations in the first few episodes. Meanwhile, two students who entered the school had their own plans in mind. As a result, things were bound to get complex for the rest of the participants. The candidates must complete a variety of lessons or activities, such as the Spelling Bee, as they attempt to reach the finish line. Meanwhile, the goal of the participants was to do everything they could not get expelled from high school.

Lovestruck High

Upon its return with Lovestruck High Season 2, we can expect the show to carry on with the same format. However, only this time will there be an entirely new group of students. Throughout the season, the contestants will face a variety of obstacles. At the conclusion of the season, one couple will be crowned Prom Royalty. And the winning pair will receive the grand prize of $100,000. Moreover, the next season may introduce some new classes or assignments so that the viewers can have something fresh.

Cast Details!

The first season of Lovestruck High featured American actress Lindsay Lohan as the narrator. She also happens to be the producer of the show. Meanwhile, the season also features Ria Lina as Principal Nelson, Russel Hicks as coach Hughes, and Chloe Zietounian appearing as miss Kelly. In Addition, the last of the 15 contestants goes as – Junaid Ahmed, T Franklin Jess Doolan, Basit Eniafe, Geoff Cheung, and Meghan Vail.

Lovestruck High Season 2

 Also, Max O’Dyre, Raveea Morsi, Charlie Curtis, Jody Williams, Alex Dean, Yasmine, Haus Zalzale, Dan Elward, and Theo McDermott. The creators have not made any revelations about the cast members for Lovestruck High Season 2. but we do know that the second season will feature a whole new batch of students in Lovestruck High competing for the ultimate prize. 

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