June 16, 2024
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All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Netflix Confirms The Second Season! Will They Find The Cure?

all of are dead season 2

Zombies have been an integral part of mainstream popular culture for several years. However, the global pandemic of Covid 19 has made the genre of a mysterious virus wreaking havoc on humanity more relevant. And Netflix Korean horror zombie drama has been a testimony of it. So, the fans who have been waiting for the All Of Us Are Dead Season 2, we have got some good news. Netflix has officially given the green light for the second season of All Of Us Are Dead.


Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead is horror drama series inspired by Joo Dong-geun’s webtoon called Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun. The show debuted on the streaming platform in January 2022. It follows a group of school teens stuck in the school in the midst of a Zombie outbreak.

Is All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Renewed By Netflix


The first season of the Kdrama was released on Netflix on January 28, 2022. While the series looks to be a foregone conclusion for Netflix following the show’s rapid popularity on the site, it is no surprise that Netflix has greenlit the show for the second season. The announcement for All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 came in as an Instagram post from the show’s official handle. The first season of All Of Us Are Dead has already consumed all of the webtoon’s original material. Thus, the upcoming season will head in a new direction.

What Will Happen In All Of Us Season 2?

The Netflix series’ first season’s conclusion leaves up various narrative pathways for the series to follow. After being abandoned by the military, the survivors conclude the first season huddled around a “friendship campfire.” 

All of Us Are Dead' Season 2

It implies that their different storylines when they return to check Hyosan High might serve as an excellent springboard for the second season of All Of Us Are Dead. The first season also concludes by moving four months forward in time to reveal the impact of the epidemic in Hyosan. It implies that All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 might broaden its scope. And depict the narrative of the entire city facing the zombie epidemic in a less insular fashion.

Can They Find A Cure?

Of course, in every zombie film or series, the scientists’ primary goal is to discover a viable cure. Fans already know that scientists in All of Us Are Dead are perplexed by how quickly the Jonas virus appears to alter or mutate, making it impossible for them to keep up.

All Of Us Are Dead  Season 2

It appears that experimenting on or even working with halfbies like Nam-ra to identify the exact mutation that affects them is their best option. The scientific instructor may be correct about a new sort of human evolution. And that mutation may be the treatment in and of itself. But what about the rest of the folks who aren’t infected?

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Cast Details

The cast of the Korean horror series features Ji-hu Park as Nam On-jo, Chan-Young Yoon playing Lee Cheong-san, and Yi-Hyun Cho as Choi Nam-ra. The show also stars Park Solomon as Lee Su-hyeok, and In-soo Yoo playing Yoon Gwi-nam. Kyoo-hyung Lee appears as Song Jae-il. Moreover, Ahn Seung-Kyoon stars as Oh Joon-young, Lim Jae-Hyuk enacts Yang Dae-su, and Ha Seung-Ri plays Jang Ha-ri. 

All of Us Are Dead' Season 2

In addition, the show also features Lee Eun-Saem as Park Mi-jin and Byeong-cheol Kim as Lee Byeong-chan. Apart from some characters who were killed in the first season, we might see the return of the majority of the cast members are expected to return. At the same time, All of Us Are Dead Season 2 may also bring some new cast members.

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