May 21, 2024
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Naked And Afraid Season 15: Renewed Or Canceled? Find Out Here

Naked And Afraid

Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid is an extreme survival show that debuted in 2013 on the network. Each episode of the series brings starts with a man and a woman, ‘Naked and Afraid. They are left alone in the wilderness with a goal to survive in the woods for 21 days, among several hardships. Ever since the fourteenth installment of the series wrapped on April 24, 2022, fans have been waiting for the show’s return with Naked and Afraid Season 15. But will the show return for another season? What are the chances? Find out here-


When Is Naked And Afraid Season 15 Coming?

The fourteenth season of the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid premiered on the network on February 27, 2022. Meanwhile, the season came to an end, with the finale releasing on April 24, 2022. On the other hand, as far as Naked and Afraid Season 15 is concerned, there is not enough information available about it. 

Naked and Afraid" Season 15

As of now, The Discovery channel has not officially greenlit the show for Naked and Afraid Season 15. However, we should not forget that the show has maintained steady viewership for as many as 14 seasons. Therefore, the chances of the reality series coming back are high. But we will have to wait for an official update from Discovery Channel.

Where Is Steven Lee Hall Jr. Now?

Steven Lee Jr created fire with rubbing and built a shelter by hand because of his remarkable skill. Over 30 episodes of the guilty-pleasure reality show were offered to Steven Lee Hall Jr. He earned fans’ admiration as a real survivor because of his cool demeanor under duress and incredible 8.6 PSR. As seen by his latest exercise social media photos, the man of faith has been working on himself.

Monday Night Season 15

Hall has continued to reflect on his experiences on Facebook and Instagram since his final appearance on the show in 2021. He organizes Q&As on social media and shares throwback survival photos. Hall Jr., for his part, is now unmarried and resides in Orlando.

Most-Cringeworthy Moment In Naked And Afraid!

There was a special episode between seasons 1 and 2 called “Double Jeopardy.” In this episode, two duos join forces to form a four-person team. Cassie, one of the ladies in the group, had a laid-back demeanor that contrasted with the other three, who were all working hard to stay alive, while Cassie was just along for the ride.

Naked and Afraid Season 15

This is the sequence in this episode that makes me the most uneasy. Cassie is meant to be building a fish basket trap in it. But, in the middle of creating the basket, she decides to take a swim and then sunbathe to dry off. Cassie’s basket trap is completed in half the time it takes Cassie to complete hers. On the other hand, Cassie isn’t utilized because of how terribly it’s built. Cassie’s cluelessness about how little she is accomplishing in comparison to her teammates makes this scenario one of the most cringe-worthy.

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