April 25, 2024
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The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2: Will The Columbian Show Return? What Are The Chances?

The Snitch Cartel Season 2

Netflix is constantly expanding its foreign content portfolio with some really amazing shows from different parts of the world. One of such shows is the gritty Columbian crime drama series The Snitch Cartel: Origins or ‘El Cartel de los Sapos’. The show follows the story of two brothers, Leonardo and Emanuel, who get involved in the drug trade in 1960 California. The fans well received the first season, and now they are waiting for The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2. But will the show return? What are the chances? Find out here-


Will There Be The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2?

The first season of the crime drama series dropped on Netflix on July 28, 2021. Meanwhile, as far as the show’s sophomore installment is concerned, there has not been any update from Netflix about the show’s renewal for season 2.

The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2

It’s common for Netflix to take a few months before renewing a show for another series. However, it has been about a year, and there are no signs of the series coming back. Therefore, most probably, the second season of the series is not coming back. So fans should make up their minds to move on from the show.

The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In season one of ‘The Snitch Cartel Origins’, we got a detailed look at the Villegas brothers. They started their lives as poor in California, powerless and weak in world powers means everything, and the drugs business dictates people’s lives. So, Leonardo and Emanuel grew up with people smoking weak on the streets, kids in notch pushing heroin, and the large-scale crowd use of drugs was very common. 

The Snitch Cartel: Origins Season 2

During this process, the guys learn how to take advantage of the current socio-economic culture. Emanuel and Leonardo have built a large drug enterprise within a few decades. But it eventually fell apart after the cops apprehended them.

Upon its return with The Snitch Cartel Origins Season 2, the show is expected to continue the story of brothers, Emanuel and Leonardo after the first season’s events. The tale may be continued in the next season, defining the next stage of their life. In the underground, a new drug mafia might emerge. The season may include someone who will continue on the Villegas’ illustrious tradition.

Cast Details!

The cast roster of the Columbian crime drama stars Gustavo Angarita Jr. as Leonardo Villegas and Juan Urrego as Young Leonardo. Meanwhile, the elder and younger versions of Emanuel Villegas are played by Carlos Manuel Vesga and Sebastián Osorio, respectively. The show also stars Patricia Tamayo as Marlén Ulloa. Verónica Velásquez plays Nora Villegas. María Camila Zárate as Rosario Villareal. Moreover, there is Nicole Santamaría as Mayerly Salcedo, Laura Rodríguez as Raquel Villegas. And Eduardo Pérez as Hugo de la Cruz.

The Snitch Cartel: Origins Season 2

The cast of the show also includes Julián Farrieta as Nacho Soto Mayor, Valeria Galviz enacting Dayana Tirado. And Susana Rojas as Deisy. If there is a second season of the series, most of the cast members will be back in their roles. At the same time, we might see some new addition in The Snitch Cartel Origin Season 2.

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