Barry Season 3 Episode 3

Barry Season 3 Episode 8 Finale: Will Albert Arrest Barry In The Season Finale?

Sadly, the third season of the HBO’s Barry is about to end. And we still don’t know what the future has in the cards for the titular character. Meanwhile, as we prepare for the release of Barry Season 3 Episode 8, we know Barry will be looking to Vengeance from Fuches. So, let’s discuss what will happen in the finale.

What To Expect From Barry Season 3 Episode 8?

As we know that the upcoming Barry Season 3 Episode 8 is the season finale, fans have high expectations from the episode. HBO has released the official summary for the episode. We know that after everything Fuches has done to make Barry’s difficult, Barry will be out to take revenge on him. 

On the other hand, Sally’s professional career is going in the wrong direction. Thus, she will have to make a tough choice in the next choice. Amid all this, we know that Albert is out to catch Barry after finding out that he is the one who killed Moss.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the official synopsis of the episode, “Barry is out for retribution, NoHo Hank must face the looming threat of being sent home, and Sally makes an impromptu decision for the drama class performance.”

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode of the show was titled Candy Asses. The episode started with a shot of Ryan’s father, George, standing in the church. Then we saw Barry which poisoned by Chris’s wife. But somehow, he managed to drag himself out of the episode, where he met George Krempft, who was determined to murder Barry, but he could not do so. While Barry was being brought to the hospital, he shot himself.

Barry Season 3 Episode 8

 Meanwhile, Jim had a conversation with Fuches and took him to the cops. Fuches spilled the beans, which not only assisted Albert in piecing together the puzzle but also Jim in discovering the truth about his daughter’s death. Then, Albert interrogated Fuches, who then told him the truth about Barry and that he killed Moss.

Moreover, the episode also saw Sally’s fall from grace. She had a complete breakdown in the elevator and screamed at Natalie after she got her own show. And while Lindsay tried to control the damage, she lashed out at her too and fired her. 

When And Where To Watch Barry Season 3 Episode 8?

Barry Season 3 Episode 8

The third season of the Barry is approaching its end. The penultimate episode of the show’s third season released on June 5. Now, it’s time for us to get ready for Barry Season 3 Episode 8. The episode is scheduled to premiere on June 12, 2022. Fans in the United States can catch the TV premiere on HBO In the United States at 10 p.m. EST.

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