Good Girls Season 5: Why NBC Canceled The Show? Find Out Here

Good Girls Season 5: Why NBC Canceled The Show? Find Out Here

NBC’s Good Girls is the TV equivalent of a cheerful hug. The show is what we need when we are feeling low. The fourth season of the that premiered last year left fans with so many unanswered questions. Here’s what we expect from Good Girls Season 5.

Good Girls is an American comedy-drama series created by Jenna Bans. The show first premiered on NBC in 2018. It follows the story of three women, Ruby, Beth, and Annie. After they get frustrated with their lives, they decide to rob a band. NBC’s crime comedy series revolves around three women, Ruby, Beth, and Annie last premiered on the network in March 2021.

Will There Be Good Girls Season 5?

Good Girls Season 5

The fourth season of Good Girls premiered on NBC on March 7, 2021. However, as far as the fifth season is concerned, there is some sad news for the fans. NBC has confirmed that the series has been canceled after the fourth season. According to reports, they planned the fifth season. But the declining popularity of the series forced NBC to cancel the fourth installment. So fans may never get a Good Girls Season 5.

Will Annie Get Out Of Jail?

Annie going to jail in the fourth season finale was one of the biggest twists in the season. After the police discovered Annie’s fingerprints on the firearm that was used to shoot Lucy and Beth, she became a person of interest in the case. The season came to an end as Annie was being taken to jail by the police in handcuffs.

Good Girls Season 5

We know that even though Annie had links with the criminal trio, she did not have even the remotest connection to Lucy’s murder or Beth being shot. Therefore, she certainly does not deserve to be in prison. If there would be a season 5 of the show, it would be interesting to see how she will get out of prison.

Will Kevin Wait For Annie?

Good Girl Season 5

When it comes to love in her life, Annie hasn’t always had luck on her side. But luckily for her, her fortunes began to flip this season when she learned how wonderful Kevin is for her. Despite their differences, it is evident that these two get along well. In reality, they and Annie’s son Ben intend to go to Nevada together. Since Annie ends up in jail at the end of the series, such plans will undoubtedly have to be put on wait. Kevin’s fans want to know if he’ll wait for Annie to leave or if he’ll finally move on from her this time.

Will Rio And Beth End up Together?

Good Girls Season 5

Beth and Rio have had quite a journey since the start of the show. They are a perfect example of an enemies-to-lovers couple. However, there’s no denying the fact that there has always been some sexual tension between the two despite being continuously at odds. In early seasons, the two have had several intimate moments with each other, but they weren’t menacing each other. 

On the other hand, Beth eventually backed away to focus on her marriage, a decision that elicited mixed emotions from viewers. When Dean realized he and Beth would never be able to make their marriage work, people speculated whether this meant Beth and Rio might have dated in the Good Girls Season 4.

Will Ruby Move To Nevada?

Good Girls Season 5

Ruby and Stan are the best husband and wife on Good Girls when it comes to iconic couples. Their love is apparent, and they are always there for each other. However, because of Ruby’s closeness with Beth, they had some marital issues this season.

This season’s ladies’ original objective was to raise enough money to leave town, but Beth learns that’s not what she wanted. Sadly, Ruby already has informed Stan of the idea, and he is fully supportive. Ruby is forced to choose between sticking behind to support Beth and traveling to Nevada with Stan and her kids in the last moments of the season.

Good Girls Cast!

;Good Girls Season 5

The cast of the series, Good Girls features Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Mae Whitman plays Annie Marks. Other prominent cast members are Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Manny Montana as Christopher aka Rio, and Lidya Jewett appears as Sara Hill. In addition, in the show, Isaiah Stannard plays Ben Marks, and Dean Boland is played by Matthew Lillard. We don’t know who will be in the cast if the show comes back for Good Girls Season 5.

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