Kenan Season 3: Has NBC Renewed The Show? Find Out The Upcoming Plot, Cast Details, And More

Following Atlanta-based morning show host Kenan Williams, NBC’s Kenan is sitcom drama series created by Jackie Clarke and David Caspe. The second season of the show followed Kenan in his parenting ventures trying to raise his two daughters, Aubrey and Birdie. After the way the second season concluded, viewers are curious to find out where the show will head in Kenan Season 3. So, let’s not waste any more time and dig in to know all about the upcoming season-

What To Expect From Kenan Season 3?

In the second season of Kenan, we saw Tami getting pestered when Kenan stated that they were just coworkers and not friends. Meanwhile, Kenan was confused about what he felt for Mika. So he decided to assist her with the romantic troubles she was having. Ultimately, he got into a relationship with a woman named Janay. But he wanted to keep it low-key from his unduly prying family. At the same time, he was facing troubles in his home with the kids.


On the other hand, Gary started a fresh business venture with Pam. However, her overly competitive spirit resulted in a clash between them. Eventually, Gary had to ponder his objectives when Bobbi chose to sell the family home. Towards the end of the second season, Kenan, Gary, Mika, Tami, and Phil reach Miami. They faced various nuisances and disarrays while Rick worked to handle Aubrey and Birdie back home.

Upon its return, Kenan Season 3 will continue the story after the second season. It is likely to explore the complicated situation between Kenan and Mika. Furthermore, the upcoming season may follow Gary trying to figure out what to do in his life. Kenan will have all sorts of parenting trouble in the third season as Aubrey and Birdie grow older. Rick’s two cents on raising the girls may also bring more problems to Kenan. 

When Will The Third Season Release?

The second season of NBC’s comedy series starring Kenan Thompson ran on the network from December 15, 2021. to January 31, 2022. Fans waiting for Kenan Season 3 should know that there has been any sort of official confirmation from NBC yet about the renewal of the show for a third installment. 

Kenan Season 3

But knowing the fact that NBC likes to invest in comedy content. FRIENDS and 30s Rock are the best examples. Plus Kenan has performed really well in terms of viewership and review. Therefore, we are hopeful that Kenan Season 3 may happen soon. But fans will have to wait till NBC officially renews the third season.

Who Will Appear In Kenan Season 3?

Kenan Season 2

In NBC’s sitcom, the main cast members feature Kenan Thompson playing a fictional version of himself, Kenan Williams. The cast also features Dani Lane and Dannah Lane in the roles of Aubrey and Birdie, Kenan’s daughters. Other cast members are Don Johnson as Rick, Chris Redd as Gary, and Kimrie Lewis appearing as Mika.

In addition, we see Taylor Louderman as Tami Greenlake, Jeff Lewis appear as Phil, Shirley Jordan plays Aunt Ellen, and Bobbi is played by Vanessa Bell Calloway. Meanwhile, Fortune Feimster plays Pam Fox, Hayley Marie Norman can be seen as Janay, and Elaine Kao plays Ellen Davis. Most of these main cast members are expected to make a return in their respective roles when the show comes back for Kenan Season 3.

Is Kenan Based On Real Life?

 Kenan Season 3

To be clear, ‘Kenan’ isn’t based on a true story. Jackie Clarke, the show’s writer and creator came up with the concept on her own. Along with co-creator David Caspe, Clarke came up with the show’s original premise. He went through numerous revisions to refine Thompson’s character and align it with Thompson’s real-life characteristics. 

For a long time, sitcoms have followed a formula, and one component of that formula is when a leading performer, such as Thompson, bases and builds the character on his real-life persona. It benefits the show in a variety of ways. It also allows the actor to show off their sense of humor.

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