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Who Is Lando Norris Dating? Find Out About F1 Driver’s Personal Life

The British Belgian race car driver Lando Norris has achieved so much in his short career in Formula one that he nothing short of a sensation. In addition to his fabulous laps on the track with his McLaren and his hilarious banters with Lewis Hamilton, the Racer has been in the headlines eversince he revealed his relationship on Social media. And fans are going crazy to find out who is the love lady of this speed king. 

Lando Norris Early Life!

Lando Norris was born on November 13, 1999, in Bristol, England. He was born in a very wealthy and affluent family as his dad Adam Norris, was the CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd. Norris has a mixed heritage as his mother is from Belgium while his father was a British citizen. As a result of this, Lando holds both British and Belgian citizenship from his birth. He spent his childhood playing video games because of his rich and luxurious life. During his childhood, it was very hard to separate him from his gaming console.

Lando Norris

Lando grew up with his elder brother Oliver and young sisters in Bristol. Like many children of his age, Norris also looked up to his father as an inspiration. When he reached five years of age, Lando began playing the game of Gran Turismo against his father, which developed his competitiveness in him as a kid. And somewhere down the lane, it also laid bricks for his career as a race car driver. 

Lando went to Milford Elementary School for his elementary education. However, his parents soon hired personal tutors for him as they saw he had little interest in studies. As a result, Lando skipped his GCSEs. Instead, he slipped out to work with his full-time teacher on math and physics. His family migrated to Glastonbury so that he could focus more on his academics while also pursuing his desired job.


 Lando Norris

Lando Norris’s racing career started when he began competing in karting races. In the beginning, it was just him racing with his brothers. He repeatedly accompanied his father to such events. After watching Kart Championships, he became interested in four-wheelers. He started racing when he was seven years old and got a pole position in his first national event.

In the 2013 World Karting Championships that happened in Bahrain Lando came out as the champion. Meanwhile, he has also won titles in the CIK FIA European, WSK Euro series, and CIK FIA Super cup. With Mucke Motorsport, he also finished in the ADAC Formula 4 championship and the Italian Formula 4 Title.

In 2019, Lando got his Formula One breakthrough with McLaren. Carlos Sainz Jr., a Spanish driver, was his teammate. In 2021, he continued with McLaren after Carlo Sainz was replaced by Daniel Riccardo. For the third time, he beat his companion, who had failed to qualify for Q3. In 2021, he ranked fifth, maintaining his winning run.

Who Is Lando Norris Dating?

Lando Norris drew a lot of attention on the internet when he disclosed his first love affair to his fans on social media. The British racer captioned a sweet photo of herself and Luisinha Oliveira, showing their closeness, “My sunshine.” The post has since gone viral, with F1 fans showering love on the couple in the comments section and sharing the same. Lando Norris confirmed his romance with Luisinha Oliveira on Instagram in January 2022. The teenage British racer shared photos from their holiday in Dubai on social media.

Lando Norris Girlfriend: Net Worth, Relation, Age, Full Bio & More

Lando’s girlfriend Luisinha Oliveira is a Portuguese supermodel who is 22 years old. The couple has been dating for a while. But Norris revealed their relationship for the first time on Tuesday. Following the tweet, a number of followers of the 22-year-old racer dug up images of the model and began spreading them on social media. Many people even commented on the photos, claiming that the couple was made for each other. While Norris’ Instagram post drew the attention of his 4.6 million followers, Oliveira has yet to do so or to share a photo with him. On the other hand, the young model has recently shared various experiences from her time in Dubai.

Who Broke Lando Norris’ Heart?

Norris signs new McLaren F1 contract until end of 2025

Lando Norris, a Formula One racing driver, talks about his heartbreak during the 2020 Styrian Grand Prix. Lando Norris’ fan base began to speculate that his girlfriend would dump him and break his heart. However, the situation was not as it appeared. During a media briefing at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lando Norris disclosed the true cause of his broken heart. He also revealed that his abrupt chest ailment after getting behind the wheel during a practice run left him distraught. Similarly, he stated that the bruise on his heart was nothing more than a small annoyance and that the pain was nothing more than a slight scare.

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