May 30, 2024
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Maldivas Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Series? Find Out What’s Next

Maldivas Season 2

The first season of the Brazillian comedy drama series Maldivas dropped on Netflix. The first season has received positive reviews from fans as well as critics for its humor and the elements of mystery. Therefore, ever since the premiere, fans have been waiting for Maldivas Season 2.


Created by Natalie Klein, Maldivas is mystery comedy drama series that debuted on Netflix yesterday, June 15, 2022. The series revolves around a few characters living in the eponymous town of Maldivas and their struggles in their lives.

Is Maldivas Season 2 Coming?

Maldivas season 2 release updates: Is another season happening?

Netflix dropped all the episodes of the first season of the mystery comedy series Maldivas on June 15, 2021. On the other hand, talking about the subsequent installments of the series, we have no confirmations so far. Neither Netflix nor the showrunners have made any official announcements as of now about the show’s renewal. 

Nonetheless, the ending of the first season left many loose threads that need to be tied in the story. And since Netflix usually takes a few months before greenlighting a show, it is still very early to talk about the Maldivas Season 2.

What Can Maldivas Season 2 Be About?

At the end of the first season of the series, Liz saved her mom by firing at her grandmother. Meanwhile, Denilson let Leia get away from the country. At the same time, Kat embraced the crooked side of her. Rayssa found out that she is pregnant with Victor Hugo’s baby. However, chose to hide the face from her. Elsewhere, Captain Rafael invited Milene to accompany him, but she turned down the offer. Liz has completely embodied the Maldivas life in just three months, and she even started carrying a gun with her.


When the show returns with Maldivas Season 2, it will move the story forward from the first season’s events. In the season, Milene will probably learn about Rayssa’s pregnancy. If Joana has made it thus far, we may hear that Liz has persuaded her to abandon her vengeance. Liz may begin dating Denilson. It’s also possible that a new opponent may arise and target the Maldivians.

Who Will Star In The Next Season? 

The cast of Netflix’s comedy drama stars creator Natalia Klein essaying the roles of Verônica Morticia and the main narrator. The series also stars Bruna Marquezine as Liz, Manu Gavassi in the role of Milene, and Sheron Menezzes playing Rayssa. Moreover, Klebber Toledo stars as Victor Hugo, Carol Castro plays Kat, and Enzo Romani appears as Denilson. 

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In addition, the series also stars Vanessa Gerbelli in the role of Patricia Duque/Leia and Ângela Vieira appearing as Joana. Also, Alejandro Claveaux plays Captain Rafael, Fernanda Thurann stars as Maura, and Samuel Melo can be seen as Cauã. If the show is recommissioned for Maldivas Season 2, we can expect it to bring back the majority of the main cast members in the season. At the same time, we can also expect some new additions to the cast of the show.

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