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More Than Blue Season 2: Is It Coming back To Netflix? What Are The Chances?

Created by Hsieh Pei-Ju, Netflix’s More than Blue is Taiwanese romantic drama series based on a 2009’s Korean movie. The first season of the romantic drama left fans in tears when K died, and ever since, these fans have been waiting to find out what’s next for Cream when the show returns with More Than Blue Season 2.

Will More Than Blue Season 2 Return?

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The entire first season of the drama series landed on Netflix on October 21, 2021. Now, talking about the sophomore installment of the series, it is the same story all over again. Netflix has not made any confirmations about the future of the series. The first season of the show was a hit among the audience, and the critics lauded it too. However, until the streaming giant decides to move ahead and gives a confirmation about the show, all we know is that the second season is currently hanging in the balance and that too with a thin thread. So, let us be more patient till Netflix clears the clouds on More Than Blue Season 2.

How Did The First Season End?

The first season of Kdrama ended on a heartwarming and emotional note, and most of the loyal fans could not control the tears rolling down their eyes. We saw Cream and K going together, having a look back at the fond memories they shared. Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra’s song, The Saddest Thing of All, was playing in the background on the radio, which made the ending even heavier.

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After that, we saw Cream sharing her feeling after K’s death. She claimed she was constantly with K in her dreams, even though she was physically alone. In a short while, a reflection of three spouses was visible, each with a strong emotional sense, one at K’s grave, another sobbing on the couch, and the third sorting through Yuan’s possessions. The revelation that Cream vanished following K’s death is made toward the conclusion. However, a woman was seen visiting K’s grave in the scenario. Cream was saying her last goodbye to K.

More Than Blue Season 2 Cast!

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The cast roster of the Kdrama series featured Kwon Sang-woo as Kang Chul-gyu, Lee Bo-young playing Eun-won/Cream, and Lee Beom-soo appearing as Cha Joo-hwan. Meanwhile, the show also stars Jung Ae-yeon as Jenna. Lee Han-wi as President Kim and Shin Hyun-tak in the role of Min-cheol. Furthermore, there is Seon Ho-jin as DJ Sapami, Jung Joon-ho as President Im.

In addition, Lee Seung-cheol appears as Singer A, and  Nam Gyu-ri plays Catgirl. If the series is recommissioned for More Than Blue Season 2, we will not be surprised if most of the main cast returns in their roles. At the same time, there may be some new faces in the cast of the second season.

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