April 16, 2024
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Pretty Smart Season 2: Why Netflix Canceled The Series? Find Out The Reason

Pretty Smart

The first season of Netflix’s sitcom Pretty Smart ended with a cliffhanger. And now, fans are eagerly waiting to find out who Grant would choose among the two sisters. However, given the fact that Netflix has canceled Pretty Smart Season 2, it seems unlikely that fans will ever find out what next.


Developed by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, Pretty Smart is multi-camera sitcom drama series that debuted on Netflix in 2021. The feel-good comedy-drama centers around two sisters, Chelsea and Claire, as they navigate through their twenties while living with their friends.

Is Pretty Smart Season 2 Renewed?

Pretty Smart' Season 2: Canceled After 1 Season on Netflix - What's on  Netflix

The first season of the sitcom series dropped on Netflix on October 8, 2021. Now, in regard to the second season of the show, unfortunately, we do not have the news that fans want to hear. In April 2022, Deadline reported that Netflix had decided to pull the plug on the show after season one. So, unfortunately, we might never find out what the future hold for Chelsea and Grant. News of the cancelation arrived shortly after Osment was promoted as a regular on CBS’ Young Sheldon.

What To Expect From Pretty Smart Season 2?

Pretty Smart season 2 release date predictions, cast, synopsis, and more

In the first season, Chelsea came to live with her sister Claire and her friends Solana, Jayden, and Grant, for a few days. While living with the group Chelsea for a long time, she forms a bond with them. Meanwhile, she discovers a new side of herself and looks at life differently. Grant and Chelsea have a sexual encounter in the season finale, although they say it is only a passing fling. Due to Claire’s continued love for Grant, things spiral out of control after she breaks up with her boyfriend. Claire kisses Grant as Chelsea enters and the season ends.

Upon its return with Pretty Smart Season 2, the show will move forward with the storyline after the first season’s events. Meanwhile, Whatever sister Grant chooses, it will be intriguing to watch. The focus of the prospective second season will probably be on how Grant’s choice changes the relationship between the sisters, which may subsequently impact the entire group.

Why Are Chelsea And Grant Great For Each Other?

Chelsea, Grant, and Claire would never purposefully injure each other, but the Netflix series expertly set up the prospective love triangle. Even Nevertheless, the program emphasized Grant and Claire’s unresolved past from the start while creating the groundwork for Chelsea and Grant’s compatible relationship. If Claire hadn’t been seeing Dave, they would never have given their desire to one another much thought, even though there were numerous signs of it.

Pretty Smart Season 2

Chelsea was often surprised by how readily drawn she was to Grant, and she admired Grant when she understood how shockingly knowledgeable he was. Chelsea asked Grant about Claire’s sentiments, and Grant prevented Chelsea from choking and encouraged her to pick up writing her novel again. They regularly assisted one another. They have shown how beneficial a connection with each other might be.

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