Backstreet Rookie Season 2

Backstreet Rookie Season 2: Is The Kdrama Coming Back? Ji Chang Wook Spilling Details About The Future

Backstreet Rookie is a beautiful love story of two people working in a convenience store. Created by Son Geun-Joo, the show is based on Hwalhwasan’s webtoon published in 2016. The show debuted on SBS in 2020. And ever since, its fans have been hopeful of a Backstreet Rookie Season 2. But is it really happening? Let’s find out!

High school tough girl Saet-Byul approaches Dae-Hyun, to help her buy cigarettes, soon after his girlfriend dumped him. However, all Byul gets is chocolates and a lecture as compensation. She sarcastically thanks him for his concern and then unexpectedly kisses him. They parted ways and haven’t run into one another since.

Backstreet Rookie

After three years, Dae-Hyun supervises the family-run convenience shop, but he is frequently required to work several shifts, which prevents him from obtaining any rest. He finds it difficult to keep up with the day-to-day business of the store because of exhaustion. The shop doesn’t earn much money, despite the fact that high school girls like visiting and taking photographs with him. Dae-Hyun’s father advises him to recruit a part-time employee to assist him with the store in order to keep his business viable. Saet-Byul is the lone candidate, so Dae-Hyun grudgingly consents to hire her on a trial basis.

Will There Be Backstreet Rookie Season 2?

SBS premiered the first season of the romantic drama series on June 19, 2020, and the season ended with the sixteenth episode released on August 08, 2020. Meanwhile, as far as the future of the show is concerned, there has not been any updates from the network or the creators about the renewal or cancelation. 

Backstreet Rookie

However, cast member Ji Chang Wook while talking about the day of the shoot, said, “For our last day of filming, we were on set all day. And I don’t think it really hit me that it was over. I remember every moment, from the first day I appeared at the convenience store to the two of us bickering and Jung Saet Byul’s action scenes. I want to express my gratitude to the cast, crew, and director who worked with me, and I also want to thank our viewers.” Thus, his statement indicates that the first season might very well be the end of the show.

Cast Details!

The cats of the romantic Kdrama series stars Ji Chang Wook in the role of Choi Dae Hyun. He is a manager in a local confectionary store. The show also stars Kim Yoo Jung as Jung Saet Byul, and Han Sun Hwa appears as Yoo Yeon Yoo. She is a wealthy and strong woman who is Dae Hyun’s girlfriend.

Backstreet Rookie


The show also features Do Sang Woo essaying Jo Seung Joon, the son of the convenience store’s owner. Meanwhile, the show also stars other Korean actors in small and lesser significant characters. If the show is recommissioned for Backstreet Rookie Season 2, there will be the returns of most of the main cast members. At the same time, the show may also bring some new characters in the second season. 

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