June 16, 2024
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Big Timber Season 3: Will The Show Return With Third Season? Find Out Here

CHC’s Canadian reality series Big Timber is one of a kind show revolving around the Wenstob Timber, Owned and operated by Kevin Wenstob and Sarah Fleming. Despite its simple premise, the show is quite popular among fans. Therefore, they have been waiting for Big Timber Season 3 ever since the second season dropped on Netflix. 


When Is Big Timber Season 3?

The second season of the Canadian reality series premiered on the Canadian History Channel in October 2021. Meanwhile, the season landed on Netflix on July 13, 2022. Now, talking about the show’s future, there has not been a confirmation from the network about Big Timber Season 3. However, this does not necessarily mean that the show will not return. We know that the show has been widely popular for both its seasons in Canada as well as the USA. 

Big Timber Season 3

Ergo, it is not very likely that the network will pass on the opportunity to capitalize on its success by bringing it back for a Big Timber Season 3. The show not only has a committed fan following but also is distinctive and very entertaining, according to the viewership statistics. Because of this, there is a significant probability that the network will soon give the novel reality series the go-ahead. So we will have to wait till CHC confirms anything.

Is Big Timber Real Or Scripted?

Big Timber has been promoted as a completely unscripted show that originates from Vancouver Island’s center ever since the show’s first season debuted. Although we frequently advise that any reality production should be viewed with skepticism due to producer tampering. However, this one seems realistic in every way. The proprietors of Wenstob Timber had been chronicling their own journey for a while. The actors came across as naturally at ease in front of the camera from the start.

Big Timber Season 3

As mentioned several times during the series, they are also adamant about upholding that their firm is one of the only independent ones on the adjacent island. The manner that “Big Timber” illuminates law-abiding, ethical logging, particularly when it allows an area for replanting. It is unquestionably the film’s most significant contribution. The chance for producer interference throughout the filming process is minimal to nonexistent. Most modifications or alterations are performed during post-production to keep the production pace.

Big Timber Season 3 Cast!

We can anticipate Kevin Wenstob and his wife, Sarah Fleming, to appear in the prospective third installment of “Big Timber”. Given that the film is centered on Kevin’s enormous logging business. Erik Wentob, the head mechanic, and Jack Wentob, the millhand, will likely accompany them.

Big Timber Season 3

Additionally, if season 3 is confirmed, key cast members, including Tom Verbruzze. He operates the grapple yarder, and Coleman Willner, Kevin’s right-hand guy, is anticipated to return. However, because the mill frequently recruits new employees to keep things operating properly. At the same time, viewers should anticipate seeing a lot of fresh faces.

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