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Alone Season 9 Episode 9: River Starts Freezing As The Cold Increases In “The Ice Up”

History Channel’s Alone has to be one of the toughest ‘surviving in the wild’ shows around these days on TV. As we are moving toward the finale, there are only four contestants left, and the challenges keep getting more and more difficult. Now, as we are heading closer to Alone Season 9 Episode 9, here’s what we know about it. 

Alone Season 9 Episode 9 Preview!

The upcoming ninth episode of the Alone Season 9 is titled “The Ice Up.” The participants who were left behind in Labrador near the Big River will be seen in the episode. The closest populated area to this wilderness is Makkovik, which is 35 kilometers distant. Meanwhile, there is also the risk of the wild polar bears, who are known to be one of nature’s deadliest predators. Things will only get harder from here as there are only four contestants left in the season.

Alone Season 9 Episode 9 Release Date: Who Is The Ultimate Survivor? -

Meanwhile, the synopsis for the upcoming episode is here. The summary read, “As the river begins its freeze, the participants suffer major setbacks. One survivalist doubles down on a daring strategy. Another reaches their limit.” Having a look at the synopsis, we know that, to add to the existing troubles of the participants, the river will also start freezing in the next episode. 

What Happened In The Last Episode?

Gut Feeling was the title of Alone Season 9, Episode 8 in the series. When the episode we watched was airing, there were still six survivors in the Labrador wilderness. By the time the show was through, two more contenders had dropped out. Due to medical concerns, one survivalist had to leave the game, while the other was unable to continue further due to several injuries.

Alone Season 9 Episode 9

Karie said that her teeth had become black because of the cast iron saucepan she had used to cook berries. Tom went out early one morning in pursuit of a beaver but came up empty-handed. Adam was also seen utilizing the wooden dock to make insulated shutters for his window to stop the wind. Furthermore, a month and a half into the challenge, Jessie was still working on Hodge Podge Lodge.

When And Where To Watch Alone Season 9 Episode 9?

Alone Season 9 Episode 9

The previous episode of Alone premiered a week ago, on July 14, 2022. Now it is time that we get ready for Alone Season 9 Episode 9, as it is almost here. The next episode is set to air on July 21, 2022. Fans can catch the broadcast on History Channel at 9 PM EST. However, do not worry if you miss the telecast since the episode will also be available on History Channel’s official website. 

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