April 23, 2024
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Blown Away Season 4: Has Netflix Renewed The Series? What’s Next For The Fans?

Blown Away is a peculiar yet intriguing show that entirely centers around the art of Glass-blowing. To construct glass-blown and sculpted display pieces, the competitors go up against some of the best in the business. The third season of the show carried on in terms of the quality of the first two seasons. Now, fans are waiting to find out will the show return with Blown Away Season 4.


Will There Be Blown Away Season 4?

The entire third season of the reality series premiered on the streaming giant Netflix on July 22, 2022. It has been merely a few hours since the season landed. Thus, this is definitely too early to talk about the future of the show at this point. Netflix will take its sweet time before making the decision about the show’s future. Viewers know Blown Away is unlike anything on the screen. 

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The idea that initially seemed strange has worked in favor of the show, and it has performed quite well in terms of viewership for the past season. Therefore, if the third season carries on with this trend, we might soon have Blown Away Season 4. However, this is just our speculation at this point, and nothing is confirmed. So, the audience will have to wait till Netflix confirms anything.

Who Will Appear In Blown Away Season 4?

We know that Netflix’s Blown Away is a reality series. Thus there is a different set of contestants in every coming season of the show. Each of these participants is a Glass blowing expert who competes with each other in the art of glass blowing to win the ultimate prize. The third season of the reality series featured contestants like Brenna Baker, Rob Stern, Trenton Quiocho, John Moran, and John Sharvin. Also, there were Claire Kelly, Grace Whiteside, Dan Friday, Minhi England, and Maddy Hughes.

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Meanwhile, some of the participants from the past seasons, like Elliot Walker from the second season. And Deborah Czeresko, the winner of the first season, also appeared as the judge in the third season of Blown Away. Meanwhile, the show features Nick Uhas as the host, along with the expert Katherine Gray. We can expect them to return to their duties when the show returns with Blown Away Season 4. At the same time, the upcoming season will also have new participants. Moreover, an appearance from this season and past seasons’ winners might also appear in the fourth season. 

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