May 27, 2024
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Shooting Stars Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season Of The Kdrama? Find Out Here

Shooting Stars

tvN’s Shooting Star is a popular and Well Known South Korean romantic drama series that debuted in April 2022. The series was created by Choi Young-woo for tvN. The first season was a massive hit among the audience. Thus, naturally, they are now waiting for Shooting Stars Season 2. 


The first season of the drama tells the story of celebrity singer Gong Tae Sung and head of entertainment PR Oh Han Byul. As a part of her job, Han Byul handles the controversies and scandals involving a celebrity. Meanwhile, the press is always interested in finding out about Tae Sung’s love life and calls her frequently. 

Shooting Stars Season 2

After encountering difficulties with Tae Sung, she resolves his controversy but soon begins to dislike the actor wherever she goes. Even though Han Byul works in an area where interacting with famous people is necessary, she is not particularly interested in them. The focus of the story is on Han Byul, and Tae Sung, who despise one another yet are forced to interact due to their jobs.

Will There Be Shooting Stars Season 2?

Sh**ting Stars

The first season of Shooting was released on tvN on April 22, 2022. Meanwhile, as far as the prospect of Shooting Stars Season 2 is concerned, we’d like to inform the fans that there has not been any confirmation from the network about it. But fans should also keep in mind that most Korean dramas tend to end after the first season. So, in this case, also, the chances of the series returning with Shooting Stars Season 2 are not very bright. However, the possibility of the series getting renewed depends on the kind of fan response the first season receives. Meanwhile, till the future of the show is hanging in the balance, fans can rewatch the first seaso, which is available to stream on iQIYI.

Shooting Stars Season 2 Cast!

The cast roster of the Kdrama features Lee Sung-kyung playing Oh Han-byu. Kim Young-dae as Gong Tae-sung. Moon Seong-hyun as teenage Gong Tae-sung. The Kdrama also stars Yoon Jong-hoon as Kang Yu-sung. Kim Yoon-hye in the role of Park Ho-young and Lee Jung-shin as Do Soo-hyuk. At the same time, viewers also see Park So-jin as Jo Ki-bum. Ha Do-kwon appears as Choi Ji-hoon and Jang Hee-ryung as Baek Da-hye. 

Shooting Stars Episode 2:

In addition to the names above, the cast of the show also included Lee Han-ik as Kang Min-kyu, and Jin Ho-eun as Byun Jeong-yeo, among a few others. If the show is recommissioned for Shooting Stars Season 2, the majority of the cast members might be back in their roles. On the contrary, the second season may introduce us to some new cast members. 

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